Farrah Abraham SLAMS Co-Stars: Bunch of Lazy, Closeted Potheads!

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Farrah Abraham has never been one to shy away from conflict.

In fact, she often creates conflicts where none had previously existed, seemingly for no other reason than to alleviate her own boredom.

Farrah has clashed with her co-stars on Teen Mom: OG more times than we can count, but it's possible she's never gone on such a direct, savage attack as the one she launched last night.

We're still a bit in shock over Farrah's latest comments, a feeling that we're sure is shared by the targets of her smear campaign...

1. Farrah On the Attack

Farrah On the Attack
There was nothing subtle about Farrah's latest comments. The woman clearly hates everyone she works with, and she wants the world to know it.

2. Globetrotter

Last night's episode of Teen Mom: OG featured Farrah returning from a trip overseas to try and make amends with her mother. Apparently, Farrah feels that her busy travel schedule makes her a superior person to her co-stars.

3. No One Is Exempt

No One Is Exempt
For no apparent reason, Farrah went off on the entire cast after the episode, tweeting, "I’m just happy amber stays In bed, Maci sits on the couch, Catelynn smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gays still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW"

4. Breaking It Down...

Breaking It Down...
So what prompted Farrah to make the comment? And why did she feel the need to include every single one of her cast mates? Join us as we dissect one of the most vitriolic Teen Mom tweets of all time...

5. "Amber Just Stays In Bed..."

"Amber Just Stays In Bed..."
Clearly, Farrah feels that Amber is lazy. While it's true that Portwood isn't involved in as many business ventures as Ms. Abraham, she certainly doesn't seem to be lacking in the ambition department.

6. "Maci Stays on the Couch..."

"Maci Stays on the Couch..."
Farrah hit Maci Bookout with pretty much the exact same burn, and it's just as nonsensical as it was with Amber. The woman is raising three kids! How lazy can she be?

7. "Tyler's Gay..."

"Tyler's Gay..."
This one came right out of left field. Farrah is claiming that Catelynn Lowell's husband, Tyler Baltierra, is secretly gay, but she provides nothing in the way of evidence to support her claim.

8. First Responder

First Responder
Tyler was the first of Farrah's latest victims to respond to her bizarre online tirade. And he did so in a way that makes it clear has little respect for her point of view.

9. "The Opinions of Sheep..."

"The Opinions of Sheep..."
"In order for her to really insult me, I would first need to value her opinion and the lion does not dwell on the opinions of sheep," Tyler tweeted.

10. "Catelynn Smokes Weed In Her Car..."

"Catelynn Smokes Weed In Her Car..."
Farrah's attack on Catelynn might seem incredibly mild, but in this case context is everything.

11. A Daily Struggle

A Daily Struggle
Catelynn is currently in a rehabilitation center being treated for a number of emotional issues. During her last stint in rehab, Catelynn was diagnosed as being "psychologically addicted" to pot.

12. A Low Blow

So when Farrah says Catelynn is still smoking weed, she knows the remark carries extra weight. And it's got fans wondering if Abraham knows something the rest of us don't...

13. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
In all likelihood, however, Farrah is simply firing in all directions. It doesn't seem that any of her criticisms are based on anything other than a desire to wound.

14. A Little Harsh

A Little Harsh
Several fans called Farrah out for the harsh nature of her comments. Not surprisingly, the sex tape star remained unrepentant.

15. Can't You Be Both?

Can't You Be Both?
"I’m honest not harsh," Farrah said in her own defense. She went on to retweet several fans who praised her "honesty."

16. No Chill

No Chill
"I love @F1abraham because she has no chill & always lets her opinion be known," reads one tweet that was favorited by Farrah.

17. She Has Her Supporters

She Has Her Supporters
"BURRRNNNN....TRUE THOUGH!" tweeted one fan. "She's not wrong. #TeenMomOG," commented another.

18. Better Than This?

Better Than This?
Of course, many fans were critical, as well. "Homegirl, you are better than this tweet," tweeted one follower. "You don’t need to shade your cast mates to prove you are successful. Please don’t be disrespectful when you yourself want to be respected."

19. We're Not So Sure

We're Not So Sure
But is Farrah better than this? We tend to think not, especially since she seems to be engaging in this sort of petty behavior more and more these days. We would hope that as her daughter gets old enough to understand the implications of her mother's behavior, Farrah would become less of a bully. But it doesn't look like that will ever happen.

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