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Leah Messer’s love life has long been a subject of fascination amongst Teen Mom 2 fans.

Every male that makes an appearance on her social media pages is viewed as a potential suitor, and every time Leah denies a rumor, it’s taken as a sign that she’s on the verge of getting hitched.

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So when Leah’s co-star, Kailyn Lowry, shared an article with the headline "Leah Messer Celebrates an Exciting Engagement!" fans quite understandably jumped to conclusions.

Instantly, Leah’s social media pages exploded with congratulatory messages from TM2 viewers.

And naturally, there were also quite a few questions about the identity of Leah’s fiancé, as it was widely believed that she was single.

There had been rumors about Leah dating Brian Gravely, but the mother of three insisted he was just a friend.

Fans have long been convinced that Leah and Jeremy Calvert are secretly back together, but Messer swears that’s not the case either.

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So why is Kailyn reporting engagement news when Leah appears to be single?

Well, it turns out the engagement Leah is celebrating is not her own.

Leah’s younger brother, Isaac Messer, got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Emily Burt during a family dinner on December 18.

Bold move proposing in front of the entire fam, but it seems like it worked out in Isaac’s case.

No word on why Leah waited almost a month before sharing the news with fans, but she made the big reveal over the weekend with a pic from the occasion.

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"My hair was a little bit of a mess after the twins birthday party, but I’m so happy for my brother and his NOW fiancée!! CONGRATS guys," Leah captioned the above photo.

As for those reports that she’s back with Calvert, Leah addressed them in a tweet to a fan who really wants to see that reunion happen.

"We’re terrible for each other…but great friends," she tweeted.

We’d like to offer our sincere congratulations to Leah’s brother and his new fiancee.

And also to Leah for being self-aware enough to know when someone is no good for her.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs of Leah’s frequently-messy love life.