Kylie Jenner to Travis Scott: Please Spend Christmas with ME!

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After hearing that Travis Scott can't deal with Kylie Jenner's pregnancy hormones and has even turned to Kanye for advice on how to deal with Kylie, it's not a huge surprise to hear that the expecting couple is fighting.

Especially since they apparently can't agree on where to spend Christmas (which is in just 10 days). Travis and Kylie haven't been dating long, so this is in fact their first Christmas while also being their last before the baby's born.

Will this pair of expecting parents split before they even name their daughter?

Kylie Goes Metallic

Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby, and the news has turned Kylie's life upside down.

She's a 20-year-old hottie who's accustomed to looking a certain way.

Now, she's apparently so insecure about her radically transformed pregnant body that Kylie just plans to hide out for a while -- possibly until the baby's born.

And perhaps even for a while after.

(Kylie totally deserves a break, since she's spent a decade as one of the most famous humans on the planet, but it's sad to hear that she's doing this because of body image issues)

Kylie's still been surrounded by her family and her closest, most trusted friends. Anyone else, and she might worry about someone betraying her by snapping photos of her baby bump.

One person who hasn't been spending as much time with her lately has been Travis Scott. He's still touring. One imagines that he planned these concerts earlier this year and had zero plans to impregnate his then 19-year-old girlfriend. He might have not even been seeing Kylie yet.

As we mentioned when we discussed Kylie Jenner's reported misgivings about the pregnancy, Travis Scott is probably going to stay busy with performances, off-and-on, right up until the due date.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

While it's nice for Travis to plan on spending time with his newborn, Kylie wants to see him here and now.

Being there for your child should always be your first priority, but you should also be there for your girlfriend.

HollywoodLife reports that Christmas threatens to tear the couple apart.

According to their source close to the couple:

"The one thing they’re having a little friction over right now is where to spend Christmas day."

That's a big decision for any serious couple.

"He wants to be in Houston with his family and he wants her to come with him."

Travis has reportedly offered to fly Kylie to Houston on a private jet (which is nice, though seriously how else would she get there?)

If Kylie and Travis remain a couple in the long term, they could set up plans to alternate between their respective families on holidays. But this is their first Christmas.

Kylie Jenner on Her Side

Kylie, whose feelings are doubtless amplified by pregnancy hormones, is broken up about it.

"She’s trying to keep her cool about it, but she will be hurt if he doesn’t spend Christmas with her and the family."

Kylie lives very, very close to many of her relatives. She's probably needing to feel near them even more than usual right now.

And Kylie doesn't want to do Christmas separately.

"They’re not going to have New Year’s together because he has a show in Miami."

It sounds like she's accepted that he won't be with her to ring in 2018, at least.

"So, she’s hoping that she’ll get to have him with her for Christmas."

It makes sense. Honestly, beyond emotional neediness and craving the familiar, she may just be nervous about traveling and being away from her family at this stage of her pregnancy.

"She feels like it’s only fair."

Travis Scott at Coachella

Of course, while we don't have the same inside scoop on Travis' thoughts, we can imagine how he sees this.

He's already spending time away from his whole family. Some while touring, some while spending time with Kylie.

Sure, Travis and Kylie went to Houston and we're sure that they visited Travis' family then, but we don't imagine that he sees his family as regularly as Kylie sees hers.

And once their baby's born, he'll be spending even less time outside of Calabasas. He might see this as a great time to spend some quality time with his family before the overwhelming duties of being a new parent begin.

That's a fair point, too.

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