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Listen, the more time passes between news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and some kind of official announcement or acknowledgement from Kylie or her family, the weirder it gets.

And the more people are going to wonder if something’s gone wrong.

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Boobs Pic

In fact, some people are asking if Kylie’s even still pregnant or if she decided to terminate her pregnancy.

This includes a report from an insider who claims that Kylie’s been struggling with this weighty decision.

And when you look at what we know, you understand why some people are starting to wonder if Kylie couldn’t go through with her pregnancy.

This is a delicate subject, we know, about an intensely personal choice that millions of women across the US face once or more than once during their lives.

So, without being cavalier about this (because we’re not Lena Dunham), let’s go over why people wonder if Kylie got an abortion.

First of all, there are the circumstances. They’re not ideal.

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Yes, she has an almost comical amount of money along with a support network — trusted family (who are also rich) who live very, very close by.

Childcare doesn’t get much easier than that.

But Kylie was just 19 when she got pregnant. And she got pregnant with her rebound guy — best estimates suggest that Kylie got pregnant after seeing Travis Scott for, like, a month.

That’s after two years of Tyga’s nonsense.

And, again, she’s barely 20 years old and has never had a real responsibility in her life.

We think that it’s safe to say that this pregnancy was about as unplanned as they get.

Additionally, Kylie’s body image has suffered considerably, and she’s reportedly been plagued by doubts about Travis Scott’s fidelity to her and prospects as a father.

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In Touch reports that Kylie has been what their insider describes as "very conflicted" about whether or not she actually wants to be a mother.

"It was a decision that was weighing heavily on her and it wasn’t something that she took lightly."

It’s not clear if their insider is referring to abortion or adoption, but some fans believe that it could be either.

(Before you Google the various limits on when people can get abortions, remember that those laws work to disenfranchise the poor and particularly people of color, but that wealthy white women have always been able to afford to spend days traveling to wherever they needed for treatment and then to return)

Some would point out that the Kardashians are pretty gung-ho about their Christian faith, but we’d remind them that this is a personal choice for Kylie.

The majority of women who seek abortions in the US are Christians, and that you can’t paint every member of a faith with the same brush.

Kylie Jenner and Red Lips

And it sounds like Kylie’s concerns for herself — her appearance, her body, and perhaps her skills as a prospective mother at the age of 20 — are almost secondary compared to her worries about her baby daddy.

Hollywood Life reports that Kylie Jenner is "nervous about Travis’ commitment as a father."

Additionally, they say:

"Kylie is getting anxious as her pregnancy is progressing."

It’s all designing a nursery and picking out names until your body is radically transformed and you realize that it’s all real. Kind of like getting to the top of a roller coaster, we imagine.

"She is quietly fighting off any doubts and concerns and worries about what kind of father Travis is going to be."

Specifically, it sounds like she’s concerned that he’ll just continue on with his career — as so many baby daddies do — and leave Kylie to raise their child.

Kylie Jenner Pre-Pregnancy Figure

"Kylie and Travis have not been spending a lot of time together during her pregnancy, mostly because he has been so busy with work."

Kylie is reportedly hopeful, which would suggest that she’s sticking with her pregnancy, but this also sounds a bit like magical thinking:

"Kylie’s mind is telling her to prepare for the worst while her heart is telling her that once their gorgeous baby is born, Travis will be more present and be the devoted father she was lucky enough to have as a child."

A lot of young moms believe that about their baby daddies.

To be fair, though, Travis’ currently scheduled concerts sound like they’re tapering off, with only one in 2018. Maybe he’s making time for fatherhood.

So, yes, it’s always within the realm of possibility that Kylie decided to get an abortion. But, though that would totally be her right, we don’t think that she did.

Travis Scott’s been asking Kanye how to deal with Kylie’s pregnancy-induced craziness, so if he were going to just run out of her life, it’d be now.

Even if Travis were to disappear off of the face of the earth, she’d have plenty of support and help raising her baby.

Additionally, the initial news of Kylie’s pregnancy had to have either come from Kris Jenner or with Kris Jenner’s permission. We don’t know if Kylie knows that, but … I’d bet cash money on Kris leaking it (just in time to promote Keeping Up With The Kardashians).

And Kris would never have allowed it to leak unless she were absolutely certain that Kylie planned to go through with this.

As for why Kylie’s still hiding? Well, we’ve heard a lot about her being insecure about her body. Maybe she’s never dealt with stretch marks or a less-than-flat tummy before and isn’t loving it. Maybe she’s dealing with gestational acne. Who knows?

Maybe, just maybe, Kylie’s enjoying some time out of the eyes of the world for the first time in a literal decade. Can you blame her?