Kylie Jenner Baby Name: What Could It Be?

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Despite a lack of confirmation from the mother-to-be herself, this much we know is true:

Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

We hear it's a girl, we know Travis Scott is the father and we're anxious for the bundle of joy to be born in the coming weeks.

But what will she be named?!? We have a few theories...

1. Yes, She's Pregnant

Yes, She's Pregnant
The shocking news shook the Internet on September 22, 2017, with multiple reliable sources confirming the unexpected development.

2. What Else Do We Know?

What Else Do We Know?
Very little, tbh. Kylie has remained mum, presumed father Travis Scott hasn't said a word and no member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has blabbed, either.

3. But It Will Be a Girl?

But It Will Be a Girl?
Based on the nail color (pink) Kylie recently went with and the main color of her Christmas tree (pink), along with a few anonymous quotes, yes. This is the assumption.

4. What Will She Name the Girl?

What Will She Name the Girl?
Let's speculate! Based on her family history (hello, Saint and North), we know it will be unusual and not trendy. Sorry, Bella, Elsa and Kate, among others.

5. Has She Left Any Clues?

Has She Left Any Clues?
Kylie named one new color in her cosmetics collection Holly. That has us wondering if she's gauging fan reaction to it.

6. She Named Another Ginger

She Named Another Ginger
Same possibility: Kylie had to like the name in order to choose it for a color, right? Enough to also choose it for a child?

7. What About Royal Peach?

What About Royal Peach?
There's an entire palette called this in her collection. And Royal?!? She would fit in perfectly with Saint and North.

8. What Will Be Her Last Name?

What Will Be Her Last Name?
This is a key question if Kylie goes the alliterative path of her family. Will the child be named "Scott" or "Jenner?"

9. If It's Scott...

... what about Sapphire? That would be unique, pretty and alliterative. Sapphire Scott. We like it!

10. If It's Jenner...

If It's Jenner...
... perhaps Jewel? Jewel Jenner. Would be appropriate and check off all these same boxes, right?

11. Or Maybe Juicy?

Or Maybe Juicy?
Juicy Jenner? We're mostly kidding. We think. You really never know with members of this family.

12. Wait, What About Khloe's Impending Child?!?

Wait, What About Khloe's Impending Child?!?
Oh, God. We can't. We can't even begin to think about that right now, too.

13. At Least We Know Her Last Name

At Least We Know Her Last Name
Gotta imagine it will be after Tristan Thompson, right? He and Khloe are as good as married.

14. So We'll Go With...

So We'll Go With...
... Tasha. We're going with Tasha Thompson because, hey, why not?!?

15. What Do YOU Think?

What Do YOU Think?
Leave a comment below with your best guess for Kylie and Khloe's baby names. The person who gets it right will win our respect!

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