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It’s been a very, very, very long time since we’ve been blessed with a new episode of Sister Wives.

How have we even survived without seeing the Brown family and all their wild and crazy polygamy drama?

Sister Wives Take a Selfie

It’s a mystery for the ages.

Believe it or not, the last new episode of Sister Wives aired all the way back in January. Yep, it’s almost been a whole entire year since we saw anything new from these people.

We’ve barely heard anything about them, either — sure, there have been plenty of rumors, and of course the big things like Maddie’s new baby and Mariah’s new girlfriend are going to go public.

But besides those few stories and the odd report that Meri, Janelle, Christina, and/or Robyn have finally come to their senses and plan on leaving Kody

Well, it’s been a dark year for Mormon gossip, we’ll say that.

Thankfully though, 2018 is really looking up!

A Sister Wives Pic

After months and months of cancelation rumors — and no real word one way or the other from the Browns — TLC went and dropped a trailer for the new season yesterday!

The premiere will be on January 7th — less than a month away!

The trailer opens with footage of Mykelti’s wedding, which happened nearly a year ago to the day. We see Kody walking her down the aisle, and it really does look like a beautiful ceremony.

Next, we see Mariah work up the courage to introduce her girlfriend to her parents!

"Yep, Mariah has a girlfriend," Christine acknowledges in an interview — and she doesn’t really seem too happy about it.

Which is kind of hard to understand, because in the brief bit of footage we see of Mariah with her girlfriend, they look pretty happy and adorable together.

Maddie Brown is Bumpin

Next, Maddie gathers the whole family — or most of them, anyway, it’s kind of hard to do a quick headcount when five spouses share 18 kids — to tell them she’s pregnant!

She unzips her hoodie to reveal a little "Baby on Board" sign she slapped on her stomach, and everyone is very excited.

All of that is great and wonderful and lovely for sure, but where’s the drama? Where’s that good ol’ Sister Wives strife that makes the show worth watching?

Don’t worry, Meri is about to bring it!

In the next little section of the trailer, Meri tells Robyn that she plans on opening a bed and breakfast back in Utah (remember, the family moved to Las Vegas a few years ago).

She seems really excited about it, but later we see Christine tell her "You’ve been struggling to find your place in the family. Do you think that having something like this … it’s not going to make you more connected, and you haven’t really been connected."

She sure hasn’t, and for good reason.

Meri Brown: Sister Wives Star Geting Emotional

All the way back in 2015, she and Kody, the only ones who were legally married, divorced so that he could legally marry Robyn. That was the only way he could adopt her three children from her previous marriage.

They made it clear that it wasn’t a traditional divorce — they’d still be spiritually married, it’s just that Robyn needed that legal marriage more than Meri did.

But you could still tell that it hurt her feelings.

Even before that though, she seemed to be pulling away from Kody and the rest of the family. Part of the issue was likely the fact that she was only ever able to have one child, Mariah, and she’s all grown up and out of the house now.

So while the other wives had their houses full of children and Kody’s attention on their little ones, Meri lived all alone except for the couple of days a week she was able to spend with her husband.

It’s no wonder she ended up getting catfished.

Not Merry Meri

It’s been over two years now since Meri admitted that she’d been in an emotional relationship with someone online, and that that person turned out to be a woman who’d been lying to her.

And, as we’re seeing now, that relationship is still causing issues for Meri, and also for her relationship with Kody.

Elsewhere in the trailer that keeps on giving, Kody reveals that "Meri’s ready to go back into a deep and intimate relationship, and I’m not."

"I don’t know what’s going to happen," Meri says later. "And I feel like I’m just kind of walking in the dark."

It’s all very sad, but in a sweet moment, her sister wives pull her aside to tell her that "No matter what is happening with you and Kody, we still love you."

And then finally we see Maddie giving birth in a bathtub at one of the Brown family homes.

It’s … it sure is something.

Can you even wait to see this family back on TV?!