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Well, this is bonkers. Even for Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

Remember how Kirk Frost knocked up Jasmine Washington but continued to adamantly deny being Jasmine’s baby daddy? They had to go to court over it.

Jasmine’s paternity suit has now reportedly been thrown out — not for lack of evidence, but because of a weird technicality. And there’s another complication.

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We don’t know what’s next for Jasmine Washington and her baby, Kannon.

Okay, so as we’re sure that you remember, Rasheeda Frost finally, finally dumped her husband.

A lot of spouses ignore cheating. But it gets a lot harder to convince yourself that your husband’s loyal to you when his child starts gestating inside of another woman.

But that’s what happened.

Reportedly, Kirk Frost was supporting Jasmine as long as she remained his side ho. But her pregnancy was a complication that he apparently neither anticipated nor appreciated.

Jasmine named their child Kannon — it’s not super clear if she was just putting a K on "Cannon" or if she was naming her child after the Shinto deity of the same name. You never know.

Anyway, not only did Jasmine assert that Kirk Frost was the baby daddy … but VH1 outed Kirk as the baby’s father in the most casual way imaginable.

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But it looks like Kirk Frost is determined to avoid responsibility with the son that almost everyone seems to agree is his.

And their legal struggle is where this story gets genuinely bonkers.

(Because, let’s face it, a guy knocking up his mistress and then refusing to accept paternity isn’t exactly rare)

Bossip reports that Jasmine’s case got thrown out.

Like we said, it’s not a dismissal over DNA results or or anyone being caught lying.

It’s this technicality — or really more of a deadline — that strikes us as so absurd that we hope that she’s able to appeal.

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See, the judge in Jasmine’s case instructed her to serve Kirk Frost with papers and gave her a two week deadline.

Reportedly, Jasmine’s attorneys had trouble locating Kirk. Whether he was deliberately moving around and/or hiding from the attorneys who were trying to serve him papers, we don’t know.

(But probably)

Kirk Frost apparently did end up getting served with papers, but it was only after two months. That is a good deal longer than two weeks.

Which had reportedly resulted in Jasmine’s case getting thrown out.

Except … maybe not?

Interestingly, HollywoodLife reports that Jasmine Washington’s lawyers say that Bossip’s report is mistaken, and that her case has not been thrown out.

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You might look at this cynically, and say that Jasmine’s only after money.

After all, as Kirk’s mistress, she says that he gave her a monthly allowance and also use of a car — which stopped after Kannon was born, whens he broke up with him.

But … any money that she’s after would be child support.

Which, if Kirk Frost really is the father of Kannon, is something that he legally owes to his child.

You know that "if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime" rhyme? Well, the same basic concept applies to parental responsibilities and having sex with your mistress.