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Kirk Frost’s baby mama drama is at the center of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6, which began in chaotic fashion this month on VH1.

The network may have just unintentionally given away a huge plot point, however, revealing that he really did knock up Jasmine Washington.

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If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you know that the tension has been running hot between Kirk and Rasheeda Frost of late.

Rumors that Kirk has a secret love child with 27-year-old Jasmine Washington, who joined the cast this season, have been out of control.

Washington joined the cast basically for the sole purpose of claiming her baby is Kirk’s, but Frost denied it and Rasheeda stood by Kirk.

The momentum was with him, or so it seemed.

Just last week, a bombshell new report appeared to expose holes in Washington’s story, asserting a pair of dueling, shocking allegations:

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1. Jasmine was lying about the baby’s paternity, and Kannon’s real father was an ex-boyfriend of hers by the name of Logan;

2. Washington is pimped out by Rod Bullock, whose "stripper sister wives" were prominently featured on last night’s episode.

Celebrity gossip magazine In Touch asserts that Washington is full of s–t and running a long con that she and Kirk are Kannon’s parents.

The tabloid cites a so-called insider who says Jasmine is in a romantic relationship with Logan … and has been for over a decade.

She supposedly knows that Logan is little Kannon’s father, but is hosing and bilking Kirk for money and screen time. Standard formula.

Her pimp Rod, meanwhile, is just in it to capitalize financially.

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In Touch even said that they named the young boy after Logan’s late father Cannon, which is a cool detail, only it’s apparently fabricated.

VH1 may have just revealed the truth, as Starcasm astutely observed, by updating a two-year-old story the show’s official site no less.

Said article is a list of the assorted baby mamas and children of its reality stars, which claimed in 2015 that Kirk Frost was a father of six.

As of March 15, 2017, that total has been upped to seven.

Yes, Jasmine Washington’s addition to the Frost family has been included. Lest you think we’re fudging the math, VH1 says it flat out:

"Kirk has seven children. Ky and Karter with wife Rasheeda. He also has daughters Cherry and Kelsie and other sons. He has four grandchildren."

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Then, the clincher, specifically mentioning the spawn of Washington:

"Kirk most recently fathered an infant son named Kannon Mekhi."

So there you have it. Seven children by (at least) three different mothers, including the woman making headlines this season on LHHA.

Take a seat, sign the (large child support) check. Game over.

One could argue that VH1 implicitly "confirmed" Jasmine’s story by signing her to the cast and crafting this storyline in the first place.

That’s probably a fair assessment, though not an indisputable one, as producers could have staged fake baby mama drama as well.

Would you really put anything past them at this point?

Kirk Frost and Kids

If you apply that same theory to the online article in question, however, it would mean VH1 is spreading misinformation to dupe viewers.

That feels like a bigger stretch to us here at THG.

Simply on a logical basis, why update the story at all if it would be most beneficial to drag this saga out and keep fans guessing all spring?

More than likely, VH1’s content curators were just updating old posts (good for SEO) and didn’t think this seemingly small detail through.

Either that, or they just felt like outing Kirk Frost for the f–k of it, to see if any eagle-eyed fans would notice, and/or simply out of fairness.

Don’t want Kannon to feel left out after all.