Audrey Roloff: RIPPED for This Photo of Ember Jean

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Audrey Roloff is very open about three things on her Instagram account:

  1. Her deep faith.
  2. Her affection for her daughter.
  3. Her desire to sell various forms of attire and promote her brand.

And when number-three gets mixed up with either of the first two points, followers sometimes take issue.

Buy My Shirts!

Back in August, for example, Audrey wrote that she was nervous to give birth, but then explained that she felt comforted by her belief in Jesus Christ.

"Thank you Lord for being the author of life, my comforter, my strength, and my shield," the Little People, Big World star concluded in a caption.

Very poignant, right?

The thing is, she then included a link to her online store and added:

We can't wait to meet our baby girl and dress her in all the new baby onesies that I launched in my shop yesterday!!!

A handful of critics questioned whether it was right for Audrey to gush over God in one sentence... and then promote capitalism in the next sentence.

Was she basically exploiting her religion just to sell some clothing?

Now, many of those same critics are out in force.

A Smooch for Ember

As a caption to the first image shared above, Roloff has written the following:

Me and my girl. We go together like coffee and milk. Where are my fellow coffee lovin mamas at? I just launched these tees in my shop @shopalwaysmore.

You can get get the onesie and the tee for 25% OFF when you use the code: BUNDLE at checkout.

The TLC personality then used the hashtags "#shopalwaysmore #alwaysmoremilk #alwaysmorecoffee" to wrap up her post.

Something just feels a bit icky about all of this, right?

No one doubts Audrey's faith or her love for little Ember Jean. Not at all. That would be crazy.

However, is it a tad unseemly to essentially use your own small child as a model for your clothing line?

(And let's ignore the fact that not everyone likes milk in his or her coffee!).

Roloff Christmas Card

Fans, of course, can easily argue that Audrey is just trying to make a living.

The money she'll earn from these t-shirts will be used to support the same daughter with whom she's posing in all these adorable pictures, including the Roloff Christmas card.

Moreover, they'd likely state, take a frickin chill pill. We're talking about a simple picture here.

Ember isn't being made to do anything that a million other babies don't do on a daily basis and no one is forcing readers to click on any links or purchase any items.

We can see both sides of the argument.

Where do YOU stand?

Should Roloff stop combining thoughts on religion and images of her loved ones with her website/company promotion?

Or is this all much ado about nothing at all?

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