Kirk Frost: I Didn't Knock Up Jasmine Washington!

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When Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returned last Monday with new episodes, VH1 viewers around the nation jumped up in excitement in celebration of Season 6.

But Kirk Frost was a bit less enthused.

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That’s because an exotic dancer named Jasmine Washington came forward on the premiere to accuse Frost of fathering her child, a boy named Kannon.

Washington gave birth to the infant over the summer and rumors of Frost's paternity first surfaced in December.

Frost has acknowledged that he knows Washington from the strip club at which he works, but has denied fertilizing her egg with his sperm and creating life as a result.

In court documents (originally obtained by Bossip), however, Washington has alleged that Kirk was well aware of her pregnancy long before Kannon entered the world, even offering her a monetary stipend and a car to drive in order to provide for their child.

In the same legal petition, Washington claims that Frost earns about $10,000 a month.

She's asking for Kirk to submit to a paternity test and to be awarded $2,500 in child support, once the evidence is in.

Via her Instagram page, here is a photo of Jasmine Washington:

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The stripper, meanwhile, is actually a cast member on this season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, causing many to wonder whether this is all a bunch of ratings-related BS.

"Kirk’s just trying to live his life man and be the best husband he can to Rasheeda,” a source tells Hollywood Life of the sordid situation.

"He doesn’t trust Jasmine and wants her to get the hell out of ATL so bad that he’d love to give her $5G’s so she can just disappear. As far as Kirk’s concerned, the kid isn’t his."

How has this rumor affected Kirk's marriage to Rasheeda?

It hasn't helped matters very much, that's for certain.

"Jasmine and her web of lies are really getting to Kirk and ruining his reputation and it’s still causing problems in his marriage to Rasheeda,” the insider adds, emphasizing that Rasheeda has so far remained by her husband's side.

(Editor's Note: We're pretty sure Kirk Frost's entire reputation is built around sleeping with women. But whatever.)

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost

Kirk and Rasheeda are parents to a 16-year-old named Ky Frost and a three-year-old Karter Frost.

So it's pretty savvy/hilarious/diabolical that Jasmine also gave her son a "K" name.

Frost, though, would likely come up with a few other adjectives to describe what he sees as a smear campaign.

"He doesn’t know or understand why she’s trying to ruin his life,” Hollywood Life writes of Frost and Washington.

“[Kirk is] over Jasmine and her harassing threats  attempting to make a spectacle of him in court."

He may be over her. But the question everyone must now ask is this:

Was Washington ever under Frost? Naked? Legs spread? With no condom or birth control in sight?

VH1 would love for you to watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online or on television each week to eventually learn the answer.

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