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We’re not doctors, so we have to ask:

How many times does Farrah Abraham need to get her vagina rejuvenated before she’ll be satisfied?

Because she’s undergone the procedure again, documenting it on Instagram. And, even watching the video that she uploaded (which we have for you below), we’re wondering when enough will be enough.

Farrah Abraham in White
Photo via Getty Images

You may remember that, last time, Farrah Abraham shared video clips, which must have made her technician feel all kinds of awkward.

(Maybe it’s an advertising deal where she gets a discount, but it would still be awkward, folks)

That wasn’t a surprise. Farrah Abraham loves attention, no matter what form it takes.

Whether she’s milking a public breakup for sympathy or saying explosively racist stuff on camera, it seems like Farrah will do anything for people to notice her and remember that she exists.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a legitimate procedure, don’t get us wrong. There are a bunch of different forms, but Farrah’s showcased the non-surgical kind.

Over time (not in your twenties unless there’s a very serious medical condition, we imagine), it’s natural for genitals to sag.

But let’s be clear — vaginas are self-cleaning, elastic organs.

Farrah Abraham, Rejuvenation Clinic
Photo via Instagram

They don’t lose elasticity just because they’ve had sex (no matter how much and no matter what size).

Even after a vaginal childbirth, they return to their previous size.

(The cervix is changed after that, but that’s not relevant to sex)

But, as we said, age can change a lot, which is why therapies like this exist.

Farrah captioned this: "Loving my lady parts! … Schedule your noninvasive appointment today!"

So, yeah, this looks like an ad.

The idea of what Farrah’s had done is to strengthen the muscles down there by running a device in and out for several minutes.

Which is something that Farrah seems eager to make everybody’s business.

Farrah Abraham Sells Drugs
Photo via Instagram

Guys, even if it’s an advertising deal, surely they could do better than Farrah.

There are plenty of female celebrities who aren’t shy about sharing their health and well-being, even when it’s super personal.

But … even Lena Dunham would be a better celebrity spokesperson or whatever than Farrah, and we don’t say that lightly.

We were scratching our heads, wondering why Farrah might actually need a procedure like vaginal rejuvenation in the first place.

Again, vaginas might have issues that come with age, but not with use.

Her ex Simon Saran joked that it was his fault for her needing the procedure. As in, he was bragging that he’s well-endowed and therefore "wrecked" her.

No wonder they broke up — he doesn’t seem to know anything about vaginas.

Farrah Abraham Attends 2017 VMAs
Photo via Getty Images

(Also, folks, if a guy who hasn’t been nude in front of everyone is trying to draw attention to his penis size by claiming that it’s large, it’s a sure sign that he’s insecure about it, so take that as you will)

But maybe there was a real reason for Farrah needing the treatment. 

Like, a legit medical reason.

After a lot of head-scratching, we came to wonder if Farrah Abraham is having issues with incontinence.

That can be common after childbirth, especially if you try to laugh or sneeze.

If Farrah’s been having issues with that, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that strengthens her pelvic muscles might give her more bladder control or even clear up her incontinence issues altogether.

Understandably, it looks like Farrah’s aiming for the "sexy’ image behind what she’s doing instead of explaining exactly why she needs this.

Here’s the video of the conspicuously made-up doctor talking her through what happens, as if she hadn’t already had this done before.