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So hey, has anyone noticed that Farrah Abraham has been kind of quiet lately?

Sure, there was that whole thing where she stripped and masturbated on a live stream, but you know what we mean.

Farrah Abraham, Castle Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Usually we can’t go a day without Farrah doing something dumb — making some ridiculous statement that barely makes sense, posting something dumb on social media.

She’s still doing outrageous things for any tiny little bit of attention she can scrounge up.

That masturbation thing we just talked about, and also her very public vaginal rejuvenation, if you needed any examples.

But other than that, we really haven’t heard all that much from her.

It turns out that she’s been spending a bit of time in Italy with her daughter, Sophia!

Which is nice, right?

Farrah Abraham in White
Photo via Getty Images

Maybe since she’s homeschooling Sophia these days, she’s teaching her some art and history over there.

Stranger thing have happened, probably.

But unfortunately, this strange (relatively) silent streak of hers didn’t last for too long.

Because she shared this photo of herself with Sophia wandering around Italy, and it’s … well, it’s not getting a lot of positive attention, we’ll say that.

Farrah looks OK, even though that red hair is still the worst.

Farrah Abraham with Sophia in Italy
Photo via Instagram

She looks happy and sort of peaceful, which is honestly something we never imagined we’d be able to say about this girl.

But Sophia, bless her heart … that swimsuit looks to be a little too small for her, and the result is that her butt is hanging out of those bottoms.

And according to Instagram, this is very, very bad.

"U need to buy ur daughter clothes that fit her," one of her followers suggested. "Don’t turn her into u."

"Do won’t you dress appropriately and teach your poor little girl some values?" another person asked. "So so sad … really poor parenting."

"Please please have some damn respect for once!" yet another person wrote. "If not for yourself or your daughter, for the culture and country you’re visiting at the time ffs."

Sophia and Farrah Abraham
Photo via Getty Images

Someone really went in for the kill, telling Farrah "Just cuz your parents exploited you doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You know good darn well u saw your kid’s butt in the background cuz we did and we ain’t even the mama."

And if that wasn’t savage enough, she also received the comment "I’m sure daddy Derick is just flipping in his grave. Poor kid!"

Some Farrah defenders — believe it or not, she does have some actual fans — theorized that perhaps she simply didn’t notice the wardrobe malfunction.

But she posted a similar photo in her Instagram story with the caption "Suns out, buns out," so that theory’s pretty much out the window.

It’s just … why is it so hard for her to be a decent person?

Why does it seem downright impossible for her to just avoid doing things like this?

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — the world may never know.