Teen Mom OG Reunion Recap: Catelynn Lowell Drops Matt Baier Bombshell!

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On Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 14, or part two of this season's reunion special, Farrah continued feuding with her mom Debra.

Meanwhile, and Catelynn and Tyler opened up about Butch's relapse, and she also dropped a bombshell about another cast member.

The most interesting segment of Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 14, by far, was when Catelynn explained what happened with Xanaxgate.

With daughter Nova attending her first day of preschool, Catelynn was in New York City for press obligations for the MTV show.

Balancing work and life when you're already prone to depression is difficult, and sure enough, this was a "trigger" for the proud mom.

"I'm having a panic attack. I don't know what's going on. It started in the car, then all of a sudden," she said, Matt Baier gave her Xanax.

"Matt just is like, 'We'll just keep this between me and you' and he just hands me this bar. I stuck it in my hoodie pocket ... I didn't take it."

Why not? She thought better of it for this reason:

Catelynn Lowell on the Reunion

"Because I just turned around and looked at everybody in the room, like ... I know about his past and Amber's past and stuff."

"I was like, 'Why the [bleep] does he have this?'"

Soon afterward, Amber Portwood got a sense that Matt was acting differently and confronted her fiance, who said he was just tired.

Then Catelynn, who reiterates that she did not actually take the anti-anxiety medication Baier offered her, notes that it oddly disappeared:

"Well, the funny thing is it was in my hoodie pocket. When I went to go look for it to show Amber, Matt was walking down the hallway."

"We realized he was in my hoodie," she said.

"And I think he purposefully took my hoodie and put it on when he realized what was happening and took the evidence."

Matt Baier Reacts

Once you get past the humorous imagery of Matt walking around in Cate's hoodie like it's totally normal ... what a shady dude.

Wow. Matt Baier failed a lie detector test regarding his sexual advances toward women already this year. Now this bombshell?

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that he and Amber have been on thin ice for awhile. The ice just got a lot thinner.

Meanwhile, things were so tense between Farrah Abraham, her mother Debra and Deb's fiance that Farrah can't even say his name.

Seriously. Abraham simply refers to Dr. David Merz in terms such as a “sad case of events … The person she’s engaged with.”

#FarrahAbraham #WordSalad

Farrah on TMOG

Farrah added, “Sadly, I have a lot of f--ked-up people in my past ... I don’t like to bring irrelevant people up in my conversations anymore.”

Speaking of irrelevant people, Dr. Drew mentioned Simon Saran and his alleged $250,000 demand to appear on the reunion special.

MTV, he said, “turned that down.”

Abraham recoiled, saying, “I don’t need to know that he was supposed to be here,” at which point Dr. Drew noted, “You seem offended."

"You seem like you don’t want to talk about anything," he said, at which point the star got up and stormed off the stage. Vintage Farrah.

Eventually, she returned to face the music - specifically, questions about whether she was abusive to her own mother on the series.

Debra Danielsen and Boyfriend Photo

Farrah replied that she had been through so much abuse, and when Dr. Drew sat down with Deb and her fiance, he asked about that.

Debra rebutted her claims: “There was no abuse. None of that went on. Everyone in this audience has had something happen to them.”

Is Farrah lying about being raped and/or abused physically, then? Dr. Drew isn't so sure, citing Debra’s 2010 assault arrest and saying:

“There’s been knives and police reports."

Debra then clarified a specific incident:

“I sat there for an hour being mentally, emotionally and verbally abused and I asked her repeatedly to stop it and she would not ... I went like this.”

Debra made a slapping gesture.

“I didn’t even hit her … I know I hit the seat,” she said, and again insisted that Farrah “got abusive” with her and not the reverse.

As for whether they got “child protective services involved,” as Dr. Drew asked, Deb said she’s not in a position to determine such things.

Whatever that means.

"I haven’t even gotten to see Farrah or Sofia, or talk to her, since April … I have no access to my granddaughter,” she said.  

Drew then said what we were all thinking, when you consider her life: “I feel bad for Farrah … I see a lot of fear and pain.” 

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