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The good news: we got to see Matt Baier take (and fail) a lie detector test in the season finale of Teen Mom OG.

The bad news: Amber Portwood could not take the results of the test and had a complete meltdown on camera.

Amber and Matt Taking Lie Detector Test

On the June 26 Teen Mom OG season finale, Amber and Matt sat down for the long-anticipated results of his test.

(Side Note: If your partner is taking a polygraph exam for any reason, it may not be a good sign for your romance.)

As reported earlier, Amber called off her wedding to Matt after an upsetting string of recent events shook her to her core.

One of which was that Baier took a lie detector test while in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards earlier this spring.

How did that come about, you ask?

Following that MTV event, which Amber attended with Kailyn Lowry, she received word from a girl claiming Matt tried to sleep with her.

It’s not clear exactly how the girl in question made contact with Portwood, but naturally, she demanded Baier take a polygraph test, and …

Matt Baier Reacts

Let’s just say that the results were mixed.

Asked if he has engaged in any sexual activity or communications with anyone other than Amber since October 10, 2014, Matt said no.

He was telling the truth, the test indicated.

The third question, however, is where things fell apart. Matt was asked this: "Did you make any sexual advances toward [bleep]?

He answered no again. But he failed.

Within seconds, Amber stormed out, screaming profanities at Matt, punching an elevator and having to be restrained by producer Kiki.

Take a look at her facial expression immediately upon learning that Matt did apparently make "sexual advances" toward this female.

Says it all right there.

Amber Portwood Reacts

"It’s a very vague question. I passed the direct ones. I’m sorry she’s upset but I didn’t do anything wrong," Matt said, missing the point.

"I didn’t cheat," he insisted. "I never would and when she settles down, she’ll realize that. That’s the important thing. I win. I passed."

Amber wasn’t in the mood for that, though, instead lamenting her choice in men and the impact of this latest bombshell on her daughter.

"Man, my baby. What is she gonna say to me?" Amber said. "I’ve wasted seven years of my life with a man. I wasted three years of my 20s."

"My teenage years and my 20s. I’ve been through so much s–t," she said, referring to both Matt and Gary Shirley. "I just want a break."

Incredibly, she won’t take a permanent one from this train wreck just yet. She recently told E! News they are "working on their issues."

Good luck with that. Watch the scene in question below and follow the link to watch Teen Mom OG online to see the episode in full.