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Last night on the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion, did the truth finally come out regarding the baby growing inside Jasmine Washington?

On a related note, did Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 18 mark the turning point for the embattled Rasheeda and Kirk Frost?

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When the episode got underway, everyone aside from Joseline made their way to the stage. Joseline previously blasted the show, fueling rumors that she was on the outs with producers. 

Nina asked Tommie about her legal drama with Joseline was part of the reason Joseline was not there, but Tommie was very coy on the matter. 

Tommie says “No, because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Tommie I know you can’t be in front of Joseline physically, but what would you say to her if you could?” said Nina.

“I would want to know why she wants me off the street?” Tommy replies. 

Nina wanted to know if Stevie was in the loop about where Tommie was staying. Despite his attempt to deny it, he was left embarrassed when Tommie claimed that he exposed himself to her. 

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Yes, it’s all class with the Atlanta crew … not. 

Nina then wanted to know that truth about how Tommie felt about Treasure during the big blowout at the spa. 

“I thought she was going to apologize and she didn’t,” Tommie fired back in her defense, but it did not seem like anyone was actually buying what she was selling. 

Treasure went off on a rampage because she felt like everyone took Tommie’s side, so Nina tried to say they only wanted her to get her side across. 

“I just don’t like her. Tommie came at me sideways, and I had to check her.”

Um, alright then. 

Nina then addressed the fact that Jessica Dime and Lovely Mimi were going at it during filming, yet seemed to be friendly on the stage. 

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“You were at Joseline’s video shoot, and you seemed to have a problem with Mimi then, but today you guys seem ok. What’s the deal?”

Jessica says “I don’t have a problem with anybody until this girl came out of her mouth funny at me.”

If you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you will know that Jessica had a string of feuds throughout the season, so it was a given that Nina would want to find out about all of them. 

Then, Karlie opened up about her ditching Ceasar because, well, Tommie wanted him. Tommie then threatened her, but it was diffused quickly. 

Something tells us if Tommie is genuinely out of the show, ratings are going to crash. She’s glued to all of the plots. 

After that, we moved on to Kirk’s baby drama, and he claimed that he boned Jasmine one time and used protection. Rasheeda was having none of it and said that nothing added up about his story. 

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Rasheeda broke down on stage when she tried to speak her mind. 

“This breaks my heart. Not only did you hurt me, but you broke me. You have children. Your children look at you like a super hero. You didn’t think about our family.”

Kirk replies, "I love Rasheeda, and I just got myself into a mess and don’t know how to get myself out. I never meant to hurt her or my family.”

Apparently, Rasheeda got to keep all of the drama starters out of the reunion and had the best reasons for it. 

“They don’t deserve to be here. She didn’t want to talk to me about the situation. She went to production with the situation, and they don’t deserve to be here.”

When Kirk was quizzed about taking a DNA test, he said, “I am not taking a test in front of cameras and letting them use a baby to allow three people to get a come up.”

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Okay, so it seems like Kirk could very well be the father. 

The episode concluded with Stevie and Joseline bickering backstage. Yes, she appeared. 

What do you think of all the developments?

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