Kate Plus 8 Recap: Yes, It's Actually Still on TV Somehow!

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Last night on TLC, Kate Plus 8 returned as the Gosselins celebrated Halloween and strived to throw the best party in the neighborhood.

In other news, Kate Plus 8 is STILL on the air!

So what did we learn on Kate Plus 8 Season 6 Episode 1?

Well, we learned that the family is closer together.

That's a good thing when you consider how far apart they seemed on Season 5. Working on their relationships is a good thing for any family.

The kids, being a lot older nowadays and aware of such things, have even been quizzing Kate about why she is still single.

No questions about Jon Gosselin's career as a stripper ... on air, at least. (They have to be at least vaguely aware of that, right?)

To reward the kids for being awesome, Kate wanted to make them a Haunted House for Halloween, but as is always the case, nothing ever goes to plan. 

Kate Plus Eight (8)

When Kate opened up about her ambitious Halloween plans, the kids seemed scared but mostly happy about the idea.

They wanted the Haunted House to exist, but they were considerably less enthusiastic about helping out to get it ready.

If you watch Kate Plus 8 online, you may recall that the Gosselin matriarch has a barn that is in need of a good clean.

This was her planned location for the Haunted House, so she needed assistance in getting it ready a lot of assistance.

Kate asked the children if they would like to help her, but they all conveniently chose to do their homework for school.

Yes, they are smart children.

Kate Gosselin Losing Her S--t

Kate was not taking no for an answer, though, and the kids capitulated. When that was all over, she realized she was running out of time. 

Fortunately, she turned to her best friend Jamie, who was ecstatic at the opportunity of helping the Gosselins out with the party planning.

At times, it became too much, but that's what happens when everything is left until the last minute, especially with lofty goals like this.

On the day of the event, tensions were high.

A bird legit tried to fly into the cake. Kate looked like she was ready to explode, and it did not help matters that the guests arrived early. 

Still, ultimately the event was a success.

Kate Gosselin is a Bad Mom

One of the more comical moments found the oldest teen finding a rat in the Haunted House, and it was real. Spooky stuff right there!

At the end of the party, everyone relaxed by the bonfire, a good bonding experience for everyone at the end of a stressful day.

What will Kate and the gang find themselves up to next week? Does the TLC series really have enough storylines for a full season?

We have our doubts, but we said that a couple of years ago and here we are, so we've learned to never discount Kate. Ever.

What did you think of the premiere?

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