Farrah Abraham: Lying About Being Raped AGAIN?!

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Is Farrah Abraham's family the worst family on reality TV?

Eh, probably not -- there are the Sister Wives, Josh Duggar and his crew, and some of the other Teen Mom families could give Farrah's a run for their money.

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But still, the Abrahams are ... well, the Abrahams are not well.

Beginning with Farrah's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we saw that there was not one single healthy dynamic in their home, and nothing's changed throughout the entire run of Teen Mom.

Farrah is disrespectful and rude to her parents, who are, in turn, manipulative and cold towards her.

Her relationship with her father, Michael Abraham, has gotten better in recent years, but the one she has with her mother, Debra Danielsen, has only gotten worse.

You can see what we're talking about by checking out the two sets of statements Michael and Debra made about the same topic: Farrah's alleged rape and her history of abuse.

First, over the weekend, Michael made some surprising tweets about his daughter -- in one, he referred to "trauma" she experienced and how it's caused her to have problems with her communication skills.

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If you've ever heard Farrah talk, you know what this issue is.

Someone asked what exactly she experienced that was so traumatic, and he explained that it was "fighting between her mom & father, Debra & her physical actions toward Farrah & her sister.

Another issue, he added, was that "Farrah was raped a few years ago."

He didn't give many details, but he did say that the man who allegedly raped her was never prosecuted, and that the rape happened "after that video."

It's hard to say, but he could be referring to Farrah's vague claims that she was assaulted by her sex tape co-star, James Deen.

She's also said that after her adult industry debut, she was "drugged and raped more than once."

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It's a sad story, right?

And it only gets sadder when you hear things from Debra's point of view.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Debra talks about Michael's tweets, saying "She's never spoken to me about it."

"The only thing I had ever heard," she adds, "is that one night she went out to a place and got drunk. someone slipped something in her drink and she got attacked."

Debra, Mother of the Year over here, says that she doesn't know if that story is "even truthful."

As for the abuse, she says "She's never been abused as a child," and "Even if she was abused, look at all the millions of people out there who suffered, and they don't blame the world for it."

Debra Danielsen is sad

"They have to grow up. It's time to grow up and get over it!"

Nothing like a mother's love, huh?

There are so many awful things about this interview that it's hard to know where to start, so let's just jump in.

One, Farrah was abused as a child -- we saw it on national television.

There's also a handy police report that says that Debra hit Farrah, and when police came to the scene, Debra answered the door with a knife in her hand and wouldn't put it down.

Two, even if she doesn't believe Farrah's rape story, she doesn't have to publicly deny it like this.

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Sure, we all remember the story about how Farrah claimed an Uber driver tried to rape her and it turned out to be a lie, but you'd think her own mother would have her back in times like these.

Three, Debra says that Farrah never spoke to her about any rape -- why would she when Debra's first instinct is to tell her to "grow up" via a tabloid site?

Four, it's interesting that she says Farrah was "never abused," then goes on to tell her to "get over it." If she'd never been abused, then what's there to get over?

Look, everyone who's seen Teen Mom knows that Deb is a terrible mother. We don't need interviews like this to further prove that point.

So please, please, Debra. Just shut up already.

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