Farrah Abraham: Pregnant?!?!

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Farrah Abraham ... well, she's not the best mother in the world, from what we see on Teen Mom OG.

She's rude, she's disrespectful, she sets a bad example, not just with all the porn stuff, but with her general attitude as well.

Farrah Abraham Goes Bollywood

She says and does things about and around poor little Sophia that are just alarming, and she seems all too ready to push the eight-year-old girl into adulthood.

We could go on all day, probably all decade, about the weird, awful things Farrah does as a mother.

But why do that when we could talk about the new rumors that she's pregnant again?!

The last time we saw Farrah with child was all the way back in the 16 and Pregnant days, several years and several faces ago.

She's said that she does want to have more children, and, well, the time may be now.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on Vacation

In this photo that Simon Saran shared -- he and Farrah are currently on vacation together in Jamaica, looking pretty loved up -- fans noticed what could be a baby bump.

"Is she pregnant?" one person asked. "She looks prego here."

Another wrote "Wow! Congrats! When are you due?"

And just like that, a pregnancy rumor was born.

Honestly, we don't see a baby bump in this photo. Sure, the dress is a style that would work well for a pregnant woman, and there is a tiny little bump, but her back is arched.

Farrah on the Red Carpet

That's how bodies work.

Simon, always ready and willing to give a statement, confirmed our suspicions that this rumor is completely unfounded.

"She's not pregnant," he tells Radar Online.

"I believe she had too much Dr. Pepper to drink for breakfast that left her looking bloated."

Do you kind of love that Simon is such a troll that he explained away his sometimes-girlfriend's rumored pregnancy by blaming Dr. Pepper?

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran in Bridal Shop

Because we really, really do.

Even if Farrah didn't drink a bunch of soda for breakfast, the message is the same: she's not pregnant.

It looks like there's a solid chance she's back with Simon though -- they're on vacation alone together, taking cute photos and looking genuinely happy.

It seems unlikely that he'd subject himself to that if he wasn't getting anything out of the deal.

Perhaps in time, Simon will propose with that engagement ring Farrah bought herself all those years ago, and there really will be a pregnancy announcement to make.

But thankfully, now is not that time.

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