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She may not make quite as many tabloid headlines as she used to, but Lindsay Lohan recently entered an interesting new phase in her career.

Apparently deciding that she’s done with Hollywood about a decade after Hollywood decided it was done with her, LiLo has launched a number of new projects that range from baffling to highly illegal.

Lindsay Lohan Dazzles At 2016 Butterfly Ball
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In the latter category, we have Lohan’s work for the Turkish government.

You read that correctly: Lindsay freakin’ Lohan has spent several months as a paid agent of the Erdogan regime.

That means she’s getting checks from the same folks who paid disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Like Flynn, LiLo probably didn’t register as a foreign agent before accepting the gig, but fortunately, federal prosecutors have something in common with casting directors:

Neither group appears to have any interest in Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan: Sexy Pose Attempt
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As part of her continuing effort to rebrand herself as a Jolie-esque citizen of the world, Lindsay is also planning to write and direct a series about Russian oligarchs that she plans to pitch to Netflix.

Should be a breakaway hit.

After all, there are two things America loves in 2017: rich, crazy Russians, and ambitious new projects from Lindsay Lohan.

On top of all of this international intrigue, it seems Lindsay has yet another business venture in the works.

Page Six is reporting that Lindsay is launching a jewelry line sometime in the next few months.

Lindsay Lohan on a Boat

If the words "Lindsay" and "jewelry" in the same sentence send shivers up your spine, there may be good reason for that.

Lindsay was arrested for shoplifting after stealing a necklace in 2011.

Coincidentally, that was the same year that she attempted to launch her first jewelry line with the help of designer Pascal Mouawad.

You might think that would be enough to keep Linds away from the baubles biz for life, but at the same time, it’s been a while since she last received that sort of attention from the tabloid press.

Maybe Lindsay is planning to go on another crime spree as a means of researching her new business.

Just be glad she didn’t decide to simultaneously enter the worlds of top shelf tequila and sports cars.

People in the Greater Los Angeles are already have to check the news for LiLo alerts before they leave the house.