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We’ve all heard the sad news about Olivia Newton-John’s breast cancer diagnosis, and while we all know how hard that must be for her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, some people are looking to make it worse.

It seems that Chloe can’t even use social media without getting blasted by misguided "fans."

The vitriol that she’s received in Instagram comments was so bad … she’s taking a break from social media.

Chloe Lattanzi Bikin Pic
Photo via Instagram/Chloe Lattanzi

Chloe’s "crime?" Posting pictures of herself living her life and being a person and, gasp, smiling.

You know, being a person. Which is certainly what her mother wants.

But the backlash that she got in the comments — that she shouldn’t show herself doing anything but mourning her mother’s diagnosis — was enough to make her want to step back from the photo-sharing app.

"Some woman commented that I couldn’t post happy pictures of myself because of what my mother is going through. I am so sad and no one has any idea what I am going through," she wrote.

"I don’t want my life to be public and this [is] the greatest struggle a daughter could go through. And the last thing I need is someone telling me that I can’t distract myself and post normal creative pics on my Instagram."

Chloe Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John
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Chloe is 31. She’s made some plastic surgery mistakes in the past, but she’s a grown-ass adult.

We’re sure that she’s acutely aware of the weight of her mother’s diagnosis.

She still has to live her life. That’s the most important thing for her to do for her own well-being.

Unless you’re caring for a child, anything else just leads to an unhealthy mindset and resentment.

Chloe Lattanzi in Australia
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We can’t imagine that Olivia Newton-John wants her daughter to mope around thinking about cancer at literally all times.

And we don’t have to imagine, because Chloe shared exactly what her mother wants.

"My mom is fine and the one thing she told me is to keep being creative positive and take my mind off anything negative (sic). My mom and I are humans and unfortunately my mother’s cancer has to be everyone’s buisness (sic)."

She really lets the world know how she feels.

"You could never imagine how much we just want to be alone. And not have to deal with the world’s opinions of how we deal with this. I’m going to leave my Instagram for a while. Not. Because Im (sic) ashamed that I posted a pic that wasn’t to do with my mom, but because I’m angry."

Who wouldn’t be angry?

"Angry that there are such incredibly insensitive assholes out there making me feel ashamed of trying to feel normal."

And then, after expressing optimism that her mom will beat this, she bids farewell to Instagram.

"Good bye for a while."

Chloe Lattanzi Photo
Photo via Getty

That’s a fair response.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to compound a tragic diagnosis by giving someone’s daughter a hard time just for living her life and trying to steal little moments of happiness.

We’re hoping for the best in Olivia Newton-John’s battle with cancer.

We’re also hoping that humanity, as a collective, becomes a little kinder. Geez.