Catelynn Lowell: Still Smoking Weed After Rehab!

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Teen Mom OG just brings the heartache every. Single. Time.

It was back in March that Catelynn Lowell went to rehab to learn how to cope with depression and anxiety, but she's recently revealed that she also intended to get sober during her stay at the facility.

She said that she started smoking marijuana back when she was "around 12 or 13," back when she was "young and crazy," but it's a habit that she's obviously kept up, right, if she meant to quit in rehab?

Unfortunately, it seems like the treatment she received may not have helped her as much as she hoped.

In the new trailer for Teen Mom, she's clearly still struggling with depression, crying about how she feels like "my mental illness ruins everything."

And now, in that new sneak peek you can see up top, it looks like she's back to getting high, too.

It's sad because, when talking to Tyler's mom, Catelynn tries to play it so cool, like she's doing fine.

But then Kim pops right in with "I could've sworn the other day you were high. You've been smoking, haven't you?"

Catelynn doesn't exactly admit it, but she does say that "it's something I probably won't talk about because I don't want the whole world to know," so, you know, she might as well have.

Things get even more uncomfortable when Kim tries to ask Tyler if he's been strong enough to tell Catelynn that she's not supposed to be smoking.

"I have to keep my mouth shut," Tyler says, "'cause she's responsible for her and I'm responsible for me."

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra VH1 Couples Therapy Pic

Catelynn adds a half-hearted "yeah," like this is the chillest issue ever, not even an issue at all, really. And then we cry forever.

Look, as far as drugs go, pretty much all of them are worse than marijuana, right? It's not like Catelynn is smoking meth and trying to defend it, but it's pretty obvious it's still an issue.

If she felt like she needed to quit smoking in rehab, then she clearly wasn't comfortable with something about her habit.

Maybe she felt like she was smoking too much, or maybe she wanted to stop for her daughter.

Whatever the reason, she wanted to stop and she didn't, and now she seems to be going back to a bad place emotionally -- and Tyler doesn't seem too keen on helping her, either.

Can we have even the tiniest break from all this Teen Mom sadness? Would that really be too much to ask for?

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