Beyonce: Her Twins Remain Hospitalized for Health Issue

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By now, you've surely heard the good news.

Beyonce has given birth to her twins!

Beyonce, Large Earrings

The world feels different now, doesn't it? More beautiful. More pure. Just better in an oddly tangible way.

The twins were born days ago, most likely on Monday.

That's why we've been hearing whispers and rumors all week, and also why Jay Z and Beyonce haven't been spotted in a while.

We still don't know the names of the new babies, and since it's taken nearly a week to learn of their entrance into the world, we don't expect to hear them anytime soon.

But multiple outlets are reporting that Beyonce's baby genders have been what the rumors have long suggested - one boy and one girl.

It's enough to bring a tear to your eye, isn't it?

Beyonce and Baby Bump

Unfortunately, according to some new information from TMZ, there is some sort of medical issue with the babies.

There aren't many details, but a source has told the site that doctors have noticed a "minor issue" with the twins, but it's significant enough that they're keeping them hospitalized.

As of now, there's no word on what that issue could be, but the source insists that it's not a huge deal.

Beyonce is still in the hospital too, but the 35-year-old global music icon is said to be healthy.

The source says that doctors aren't sure when everyone will be able to be released ... which sounds alarming, doesn't it?

Beyonce for All the Wins

While it makes sense that you'd be rushing to your Beyonce altars to pray, there are plenty of reasons why the twins are staying in the hospital for now.

They could have had a low birth weight, which isn't uncommon for twins.

They could also have jaundice, which would also make sense if they're on the smaller side.

It could also be a number of other things -- there are plenty of "minor issues" that could affect newborns enough to require hospitalization.

Whatever the issue is, it sounds like it's under control, and that it'll just take time to get the babies to the point they need to be to go home.

Beyonce Looks Great

And it can't be too bad -- Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, seems pretty happy about his new grandchildren.

"They're here!" he wrote on Twitter, along with a sweet little card that read "Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Grandad."

Beyonce and Jay Z still haven't made the official announcement -- we're sure they have other things on their minds at the moment.

But we're sure it'll be coming soon now, though some members of the Beyhive are PISSED at Matthew Knowles for spilling the beans.

Should he have left it to his daughter to decide when to do that, and to do the honors? A lot of people think so, and it's hard to argue that.

Meanwhile, other fans are concerned for a different reason:

You see, Beyonce's twins are geminis.

This astrological sign of Gemini is actually Latin for "twins," which means Beyonce has given birth to twins during twin season.

Which is apparently very bad luck.

Those who really believe there's true meaning behind one's astrological sign (Gemini's date range is May 20-June 20) are concerned.

For good reason? Likely not, but at this point, the lack of conclusive information about the twins' condition has people grasping at straws.

Stay tuned.

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