Beyonce Baby Genders: REVEALED?!?

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Call them the Beybies. Call them the Jaybies.

Just don't call them too early in the morning... because Beyonce and Jay Z's brand new kids probably aren't sleeping very well just yet!

But they're here. That much we now know for certain.

Bey and Jay at Grammys

Late Saturday night, various outlets finally confirmed the news we've all been waiting to hear for days:

Jay Z and Beyonce have welcomed their twins into the world.

This is all we can verify at the moment. The famous couple is yet to release any photos of the baby or provide us with any key information, such as their names or their measurements.

Heck, we don't even know the exact date in which they were born.

But Us Weekly writes that Beyonce gave birth to one boy and one girl, which would mean little Blue Ivy now has a brother AND a sister. How exciting!

This reveal does go along with what President Obama said in a video message last week.

Upon congratulating Jay Z for his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Obama made a reference to the rapper's impending daughters.

That would be daughters, plural.

Bey and Blue

Further details have been kept under wraps since the twins​'​ arrival, which some sources say took place in a Los Angeles hospital on Monday​,​ June 12.

However, according to TMZ, a "minor issue" has kept both Beyonce and her babies in the hospital for several days.

Beyonce, just to keep a close eye on her kids; but the little boy and little girl because of some kind of health problem. Thankfully, it is not considered serious.

Aside from their usual tight-lipped nature when it comes to their personal life, this unfortunate hiccup may also explain why neither Beyonce nor Jay Z has commented on the birth of their twins.

But Beyonce's father jumped on to Twitter on Sunday and confirmed the pleasant development.

"They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday," wrote Matthew Knowles in a message we've posted below.

m. knowles tweet

Knowles has found himself in hot water as a result, however.

Many members of Beyonce's fan base (i.e. the Beyhive) believe that the new grandfather overstepped in sharing this Tweet.

They think it should have been left to Beyonce herself to officially inform the world that she's now the mother of three.

However, “Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” a source has told People Magazine.

Unless the superstars specifically forbade these family members and close friends from sharing said news, it's hard to find fault with what Knowles did here.

He's a grandfather again! The guy is psyched! Let's give him a break, shall we?

And let's also send our thoughts and prayers to Beyonce, Jay Z and their newborns.

The aforementioned health scare is only a minor one, insiders say.

But try telling that to any new mother or father.

Nothing is minor when it comes to your kids.

We truly hope everything is okay.

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