Beyonce: See All Her Glorious Pregnancy Photos!

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According to several recent reports -- and the size of her baby bump -- Beyonce's all set to give birth pretty darn soon.

We're sure it will be an exceptionally private occasion, like all Beyonce moments are, but still, it will be a remarkably joyous one, and that's because the world will gain two more spawns of the most glorious being on earth.

Too much?

Well, if you're not into Beyonce worship, then just look at it this way: we'll get to see two sweet little babies that will undoubtedly be gorgeous and glamorous.

So really, this is a win for everyone.

To celebrate this special time, let's take a look back at some of the most fashionable looks Beyonce's given us throughout this pregnancy ...

1. Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnancy Announcement!
Beyonce used this killer photo to announce that she was pregnant in February. Iconic.

2. Gorgeous in Green

Gorgeous in Green
Beyonce can look good in anything, but ... no, that statement pretty much stands by itself.

3. Velvet Realness

Velvet Realness
Who else can rock a velvet mini dress with thigh high boots while pregnant with twins? Answer: no one else.

4. Grammys Fashion

Grammys Fashion
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

5. MORE Grammys Fashion

MORE Grammys Fashion
The woman. The myth. The legend.

6. Too Beautiful

Too Beautiful
When you look at this photo on Instagram, you see that someone commented with "Why does she look so hot while she's pregnant my sister looked like a dying whale." And that pretty much sums it up.

7. Perfection

Seriously, how does she do it?

8. Simply Divine

Simply Divine
At this stage in pregnancy, most women resort to sweatpants and flip flops. Not this woman.

9. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Featuring a special appearance from Beyonce's first spawn, Blue Ivy.

10. Lady in Red

Lady in Red
A++, best in fashion, best in everything.

11. Hair Whipping

Hair Whipping
Look at her little belly button. It's too pure.

12. Sheer Perfection

Sheer Perfection
Yeah, we know, we already titled one of these photos "perfection," but's a sheer shirt and ... come on.


Not only is Beyonce the height of glamour, she's also too precious for this world.

14. Like a Rock Star

Like a Rock Star
LOL, remember when doing something "like a rock star" used to be the biggest deal? Then Beyonce happened.

15. Lemonade Hat!!!

Lemonade Hat!!!
Remember that hat? What a silly question: of course you do.

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