Beyonce Baby Photos: So Cute! So Precious!

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While various key details remain unknown at this time, the blessed event for which the entire Internet had been waiting months finally took place last week.

As confirmed by multiple outlets and one very excited grandfather, Beyonce gave birth to twins.

Beyonce in 2016

We do not know the names of either child.

We do not know the measurements of either child.

We're pretty sure that one is a girl and one is a boy, but we cannot independently verify this information at the moment.

While Matthew Knowles celebrated their arrival, neither Jay Z nor Beyonce has personally commented about the birth of their children. 

We don't really expect to hear from them any time soon, either.

These are two A-List superstars who have managed to keep their personal lives private and their narratives squarely under their own control for many years now.

So perhaps we'll get a quick Tweet from Beyonce in the coming days that thanks fans for their well wishes, but we wouldn't exactly count on it.

The Jay and the Bey

And we definitely wouldn't count on the release of any twin baby photos in the near future, either.

That's just not how Beyonce and Jay Z roll.

It took them months and months to give the world a look at Blue Ivy after she was born in 2012, and we fully expect them to do the same now.

Under the assumption that you'll be waiting a very long time to see any new Beyonce baby photos, we thought we'd offer up the next best thing:

A pair of old Beyonce baby photos!

As in: photos of Beyonce as a baby! 

Beyonce Baby Photo

Isn't she adorable?

These images should at least give you some idea of what her son and daughter look like, when and if Bey and Jay share photos.

Considering the strong resemblance between Blue and her mother, we'd be surprised if the twins don't look precious as well.

Just like their famous parents, we expect these newborns to have dark hair and dark eyes, along with some truly winning smiles.

Before you get angry at us for this Beyonce baby photo tease that was super cute, but not what you were expecting (most likely), consider:

It could have been worse.

Beyonce as a Baby

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the host also claimed that he "managed to get an exclusive first photo of the babies."

Added Kimmel on air:

"I won't tell you how and I should make you wait until the end of the show to see this, but I can't wait anymore myself... Here they are, the world's most anticipated twins."

Kimmel then cut to an image of Donald Trump's sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.

"Aw. You know what? They're adorable," Kimmel quipped. "Oh, my goodness. Beautiful, beautiful children, especially the girl. She is a doll."

See?!? You should at least be grateful we're sparing you that outcome.

In all seriousness, though, Beyonce's twins have a minor health issue.

They're remained hospitalized for about a week as a result.

Insiders tell TMZ that the kids are expected to be just fine and that Beyonce will take them home some time soon. Probably in the next day or so.

Jokes aside, we really do hope they're okay and we'd like you to join us in sending your wishes for a lifetime of health and happiness to the newborns.

Congratulations again, Jay and Bey.

UPDATE: TMZ reports the babies were born prematurely and may have jaundice due to elevated bilirubin levels.

This is a normal condition for babies born a little bit early and is not considered dangerous.

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