Beyonce: Nude, Pregnant and Gorgeous in New Photo Shoot

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In case you have somehow not yet heard, Beyonce is pregnant...

... with TWINS!

The singer made this announcement on February 1, 2017 via a picture that has become the Most-Liked image in the history of Instagram.

Just a day later, the queen of pretty much everything went ahead and broke the Internet into even more pieces by sharing a multitude of snapshots from a recent pregnancy photo shoot.

She released them on her official website with no description beyond the words "I Have Three Hearts" as a title to the online album.

The gorgeous pictures features Beyonce nude, Beyonce with daughter Blue and Beyonce with a seriously impressive baby bump. Scroll through them now...

1. Pregnant Beyonce and Blue

Pregnant Beyonce and Blue
How precious is this?!? A pregnant Beyonce is posing with her five-year old daughter, Blue Ivy.

2. Beyonce Nude Pic

Beyonce Nude Pic
Beyonce is pregnant with twins! And clearly very open with her body in light of this fact.

3. Beyonce Pregnancy Pose

Beyonce Pregnancy Pose
Shortly after revealing to the world that she's pregnant - with twins! - Beyonce shared this gorgeous photo on her website.

4. Proud and Pregnant

Proud and Pregnant
Beyonce is pregnant and proud! That much is evident based on this professional photo of the singer.

5. Blue and a Bump

Blue and a Bump
Excuse us while we die of cuteness! This photo features Beyonce's baby bump and daughter Blue Ivy about to kiss it.

6. Beyonce: Nude and Pregnant!

Beyonce: Nude and Pregnant!
Beyonce is nude in this photo. And gorgeous. And PREGNANT WITH TWINS!

7. Beyonce... Preggers!

Beyonce... Preggers!
Beyonce hired a professional photographer to snap this picture of her while pregnant. How beautiful, right?

8. Beyonce Under Water

Beyonce Under Water
How amazing is this?!? It's a photo of Beyonce pregnant... and under water!

9. Submerged and Stunning

Submerged and Stunning
You don't see many pregnancy photos such as this one. Beyonce is absolutely stunning.

10. Beyonce Pregnant Photo

Beyonce Pregnant Photo
Oh, yes, Beyonce is pregnant. Check out this photo in case you somehow doubted it.

11. Beyonce, Upside Down

Beyonce, Upside Down
This is... different. It's a photo of a pregnant Beyonce, upside down and under water. We like it!

12. Nude Again!

Nude Again!
Beyonce is simply gorgeous. What else is there to say about this special pregnancy photo?

13. The Announcement Photo

The Announcement Photo
This is officially the Most-Liked photo in the history of Instagram.

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