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If there are two things we know about Jenelle Evans, it’s that she doesn’t get along with her mother and that she’s currently planning a wedding with boyfriend David Eason.

Or, well, to be fair, those probably aren’t the first two things we know about her. Her penchant for getting arrested, her former drug-loving ways, her habit of finding awful men to have babies with, she’s more well-known for all of those.

Jenelle Opens Up

But right now, we’re talking about the thing about her mom and the thing about her wedding.

Because, as it turns out, Jenelle may not even invite her poor mother, Barbara, to her special day.

She did a new interview with E! News, and she gave all sorts of details about her wedding, which she’s said on Twitter will take place this fall.

With this interview, we now know that it’ll specifically happen in early fall, and that good ol’ Davis is helping Jenelle plan the whole thing.

"We both have similar tastes so we agree on a lot already," she explains.

Jenelle Evans Engagement Pic

The wedding will have a "backyard rustic theme," and it will be "elegant" yet "sweet and Southern."

So basically, it’ll be at a barn somewhere with lots of Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and everything will be served in mason jars.

There is also a strong likelihood that Jenelle will rock a pair of cowboy boots at some point in the day.

She says that "Only close friends and family" will be in attendance at the "small, private" event.

Oddly enough, Jenelle says that "I definitely think that Ensley," her two-month-old baby girl, "will be old enough to be a flower girl alongside David’s daughter, Maryssa."

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and Ensley Jolie

Translating that, it sounds like we’ll have about an eight-month-old infant rolled down the aisle in some kind of fancy wagon. You can just picture it now, can’t you?

As for her sons, Jace and Kaiser, she’s thinking of making them the ring bearers, and "While reading our vows I would like the girls to be a part of the bridesmaids and the boys to be part of the groomsmen."

When it comes to her wedding dress, she wants it to be "a little modern, unique, and fits well to my body shape."

She says that she plans on being "as fit and healthy as I can" for the big day, and judging by what she looks like today, it’s safe to say she’s going to look phenomenal by fall.

Jenelle Evans: See Her Post-Baby Body in RACY New Video!

And while she’s comfortable with letting MTV film the wedding for Teen Mom 2, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing any of the other Teen Moms down in North Carolina to celebrate the nuptials.

"I just want it to be the people I’m closest with," she explains, "and I’m not too close of friends with any of them."

Fair enough.

And, of course, that means that she must not consider herself to be too close with her own mother.

"The relationship I have with my mother is the same as it has always been, sadly," she says. "We have not decided if she will be invited or not."

"Our relationship is getting more damaged every day, but I have already told her this."

Poor Barbara. Good enough to care for her children, good enough to have fun at a baby shower, but not good enough to come to the wedding.

But congrats, Jenelle! We’re sure this wedding, and the subsequent marriage, will work out wonderfully!