Jenelle Evans: Baby Ensley Makes Adorable Snapchat Appearance!

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It's been kind of a weird week, hasn't it, friends?

One might even argue that it's been a weird year, maybe even a weird century. Times are tough, you know.

So in these trying times, why not kick back, relax, and let Jenelle Evans warm your heart?

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

Now, you might find yourself instinctively opposed to that idea. After all, Jenelle Evans usually doesn't bring to mind good things.

But, lest you forget. Jenelle has a brand new baby at home. And brand new babies are nothing if not good things.

Yes, it's barely been a week since Jenelle gave birth to her third child and her first daughter, little Ensley Jolie.

In that time, Jenelle's brought the baby home from the hospital, and she's been working on establishing a new routine for her little family.

She's also been blowing up Snapchat.

Jenelle Evans Snapchat Baby

Look at that darling little picture! The little bitty baby rocking that flower crown filter!

Sure, we never thought we'd live to see the day when a newborn could try out Snapchat filters, but that's OK.

Instead of focusing on the weirdness, let's just focus on the cuteness.

Because Ensley's next snap is really, really cute.

Jenelle Evans Snapchat Baby Pic

The deer filter, can you even stand it?!

Jenelle was sweet enough to save these photos and slap them up on Instagram, just in case some of her fans don't follow her on all of her social media accounts.

And surprisingly, the response was overwhelming positive.

The photo received hundreds of comments like "gorgeous!" and "so cute!", which honestly isn't all that common for Teen Mom's hottest mess.

But you know the Jenelle haters couldn't stay away entirely.

"Probably would look better without snap chat filters," one person suggested.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser and Ensley

Another commented "3 babies with 3 different dudes ... that's something to be proud of."

"Why am I not happy for her?" one fan wondered. "I mean God bless this child but I really am praying for your children. Jenelle is hopeless."

And while that may be true, Jenelle certainly could be hopeless, it's undeniable that Ensley here is beautiful and so very loved.

So for now, just this once, how about we just focus on that?

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