Jenelle Evans: My Mother is Ruining My Life!

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Jenelle Evans is one of those people who, no matter how bad their behavior, will never admit that they're capable of doing anything wrong.

Anything. Ever.

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For example, remember when Jenelle was arrested in August of 2015 for throwing a glass at Nathan Griffith's then-girlfriend's head?

She could have seriously injured her, and she's lucky she didn't, but when she went to court, she started crying about how she only did it because she was scared for her and her son's safety.

She couldn't admit that perhaps throwing a glass at someone's head was wrong -- no, she had to make herself the victim.

And, believe it or not (just kidding, it's the easiest thing in the world to believe), Jenelle hasn't changed a bit in all this time.

We know that because of her ridiculous reaction to last night's episode of Teen Mom 2.

In case you missed it, Jenelle had a bit of a falling out with her mother, Barbara. It started when Barbara misunderstood something Jenelle told her during a phone call.

Jenelle told her mom that Nathan was picking up their son, Kaiser, at her house, but Barbara thought Jenelle said that she'd have to come to her house to pick up Jace.

Not a big deal, right? But to Jenelle, it really, really was.

She started yelling at her, right in front of Jace, who just looked so very, very sad. It was hard to watch.

A bit later, Jenelle met up with Barbara to hand off Jace, and being the mature adult woman that she is, pretended to do important business on her phone instead of speaking to her mother.

David talked to Barbara instead, but that wasn't right either -- Jenelle told him to stop talking to her because he was only giving her more airtime on the show.

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Because that's the only logical explanation for why he'd be talking to her. They should have just left Jace in some parking lot and texted Barb the coordinates, that would really show her.

But anyway, Barbara tried to talk to her brat of a daughter, but Jenelle wasn't having it.

She even called her a bitch, because of ... reasons.

So judging by all that we saw from Jenelle in that episode, she's pretty much an unreasonable, irrational mess, right?

But this morning, she took to Twitter to defend herself.

"If you guys only saw the texts messages between my mother and I," she wrote. "Shows a lot of truth to why I freak out on her so suddenly."

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"My mother is ruining our relationship as mother and daughter. It's only getting worse."

Because she's totally blameless, right? Does she forget that Barbara only has custody of Jace because Jenelle gave it to her so she could party and do drugs instead of raise her kid?

"My feelings are extremely hurt," Jenelle continued, "and this is why I do not attend the live shows. My mentality is very important for my three children."

... Except Jenelle did go to a live show. Actually she flew out to L.A. for a live show, leaving her newborn daughter at home, and when she somehow missed the taping, she decided to stay for an extra week to attend the next live show.

After getting so much backlash, Jenelle ended up just going home, but the point is the same -- to say that "this is why I do not attend the live shows" is just the latest in a string of dumb statements.

For what it's worth, Jenelle told a fan that she's "working on freaking out in front of the kids," so that's good, we guess.

Silver linings and all that.

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