LeBron James: The Kardashian Curse is Real!

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have won six games and lost nine in the month of March.

They have the second-worst defense in the entire NBA since the All-Star break and have seen their one-large lead for top seed in the Eastern Conference dwindle away to nothing.

And LeBron James knows who to blame for this downfall.


Coach Tyronne Lue, for not instilling a better game plan over the past several weeks?

Point guard Kylie Irving, who told reporters this week he has to "demand more" of himself at a "high level" for Cleveland to rediscover its dominant ways?

Nope and nope.

LeBron has his angry sights set instead on Khloe Kardashian.

The reality star has been dating Cleveland power forward Tristan Thompson throughout the season.

Way back in October, LeBron allegedly expressed displeasure over this relationship, fearing Khloe would infect Thomspon the same way she infected past NBA lovers such as James Harden (whose team nearly missed the playoffs last year) and Lamar Odom (who is lucky to be alive after an overdose in October).

But you can't defeat true love.

Thompson ignored LeBron's pleas to remain single at the time and has gone on to average a career high 9.3 rebounds per game this season.

Tristan Thompson Celebrates

Over the past 10 contests, however, that number have fallen to 7.6 and it's hard not to wonder if Thompson's drop in production is related to all those Khloe engagement rumors.

Has he finally lost focus on the NBA season?

James thinks so. Supposedly.

“The Cavs haven’t been playing up to their potential lately, and they’re coming up with every reason possible for their bad play,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding:

“LeBron actually joked and talked about the Kardashian curse being real.”

Ah, yes, the Kardashian curse.

These sisters have dated a number of athletes, that's for certain.

And it's hard not to look at the affect Khloe, Kim and kompany have had on their boyfriends or husbands, either during their relationships or soon after.

Khloe Kardashian Goes Glam

Kim dated Reggie Bush for a number of years and he's since bounced all around the NFL, never living up this status at the second overall draft pick.

She also made love at various points to Kris Humphries (never an All-Star) and Miles Austin (who never made a Pro Bowl after the break-up).

We’ve already documented Khloe’s past with Odom and Harden, but she also dated Rashad McCants (43% career field goal percentage), Matt Kemp (career-low .285 on-base percentage last year) and Derrick Ward (out of football since 2011).

You can understand why LeBron is concerned, right?

He isn't alone, Hollywood Life alleges.

“The Cavs are dodging Tristan now,” the insider says. “Everyone is superstitious that Khloe and the curse have something to do with their poor play.”

Will Tristan actually break Khloe's heart in an attempt to turn his team's season around?

Will he put his personal interests above those in the organization?

Or is Cleveland simply taking it easy before the intensity gets ratcheted up for the playoffs, coasting a bit to close out the season in order to peak at the right time in May, and the idea that Khloe has actually cursed the team a bit ridiculous?

Weigh in below with your thoughts!

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