Jenelle Evans: Look at My Engagement Ring! And Also My Baby!

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Where does Jenelle Evans find the time to live such an active life?!

She's been arrested at least 16 times, gotten engaged to at least four different guys, she's had three kids -- and she just turned 25!

Jenelle Evans Engagement Pic

It seems like you really have to work hard to pack that many milestones into so few years, but if there's one thing you can say about Jenelle, it's that she's a hard worker.

Well, in her own way.

It's been a while (knock on wood, knock on all the wood!) since Jenelle's last arrest, but so far this year, Jenelle's worked in that fourth engagement and that third baby.

Just a couple of weeks after she gave birth to Ensley Jolie, her first daughter and her first child with David Eason, David took her out into the wilderness to propose.

We've seen one photo of the newly betrothed couple -- and that beautiful ring -- so far, but now, Jenelle's coming through with additional pictures.

Jenelle Evans Engagement Ring Pic

That's one from the proposal, see? She's holding the roses that David gave her then.

You can't see a whole lot of detail, but it sure does like shiny, huh?

And for those of us who really need high quality photos of any and all fine celebrity jewelry, Jenelle did us a solid with this pic:

Jenelle Evans Engagement Ring Close-Up

Gorgeous, right? It really is just a lovely ring.

But you know all those haters on Instagram were foaming at the mouth to find something about this to criticize.

For one, there's the easy route: we know for sure that she's been engaged at least three other times, but many people insist this is her sixth engagement.

From what we've seen on Teen Mom 2, she's been proposed to by baby daddies Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith, her ex-husband Courtland Rogers, and now David.

Others are criticizing Jenelle for wearing her own ring the wrong way -- which is pretty dumb, because she's wearing the ring with the point facing up in one photo, and down in the other.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

Still others, and this one is pretty interesting, are slamming her for leaving her newborn baby to get engaged out in the middle of nowhere.

These people are saying that it wasn't even a little outing, but an actual vacation taken away from the kids.

None of this is surprising, considering that people will insult Jenelle for anything and everything -- and considering that a lot of times, she deserves it.

But let's take a moment to forget about all the negativity and focus on this precious new photo this girl shared of her tiny little baby:

Jenelle Evans Baby Ensley

So sweet, right? Doesn't that make you forget all about the other nonsense?

... No, it doesn't make you forget? It just makes you feel even sadder that there are three children in this world with this hot mess of a mother?

Yeah, that's fair.

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