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Long before he was engaged to Amber Portwood, Matt Baier was just a Teen Mom fan who liked to voice his opinions on social media.

Unfortunately, Baier’s "opinions" usually took the form of vicious insults and seething tirades directed at people he’d never met.

Amber Portwood and Fiance Matt Baier

We already knew that Baier tried to bang Farrah Abraham and moved on to Amber only after getting shot down via Twitter (yes, Farrah actually made the right decision for once), but now we’re learning that Baier was very interested in the other Teen Mom girls was as well – just in a very different way.

For some reason, Matt singled out Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans as the targets of his bullying.

Now, we’re not saying those two are perfect. Hell, Jenelle’s got a longer rap sheet than Suge Knight. But Amber’s life isn’t exactly an object lesson in smart choices either, and Matt’s attacks on Kailyn’s appearance are just unforgivable.

Radar Online has collected some of Baier’s most offensive tweets and like everything about him, they’re gross:

"What was the topic of Kailyn’s book?" he once asked. "How to bang ugly dudes, cheat in a shower and have my face always look like I’m allergic to shellfish?"

He later added, "Kailyn’s face breaks my TV…The worst thing to ever happen to high definition is Kailyn’s face."

Apparently, the brilliant zingers (sarcasm) just kept coming to Matt, as a few days later he tweeted, "[Jenelle] is a good mom like Kailyn is good-looking."

Hi-oh! Step aside, Don Rickles.

Man, you’d think with his salary as Comedy Central’s Roast Master, Baier would be able to afford child support for his seven kids.

Oh, right – he’s just some 44-year-old deadbeat dad/Teen Mom groupie.

See, Matt? Anyone can dish out insults on the Internet!