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Teen Mom 2 star and derelict of society Adam Lind had two warrants out for his arrest late last year for falling behind on child support.

According to reports, the situation has not improved.

Adam Joe Lind
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In September, the douche failed to pay over $9,000 in child support to the mothers of his daughters, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur.

Now the deadbeat dad is apparently up to his old tricks.

Stories of Adam Lind being a deadbeat dad are about as surprising as Sean Spicer reciting alternative facts, yet still, it’s always jarring.

Who willingly stiffs their own daughters out of spite?

"Come February he’s going to be $7,000 behind for Taylor,” a source close to Halbur told celebrity news site Radar Online today. 

“Child support took a little over $2,000 from him," the insider goes on, "but she hasn’t gotten the money yet in case he disputes it.”

Adam Lind Steroids Photo
Photo via Instagram

The source claims Lind, “Never willingly pays.”

It would be one thing if Lind were legit broke.

He’s not, according to sources close to him.

“It’s crap that he can spend money on cars and car parts, but he is not willingly spending money on his children,” the source said.

“He always puts himself first.”

Insiders close to Houska, who just welcomed her baby son Watson with husband Cole DeBoer claim he hasn’t paid her since September.

Lind owed $3,805 in child support to Houska for their daughter Aubree, 7, last fall. He owed Halbur $5,489 for their daughter Paislee, 3.

Adam Lind and His Daughters
Photo via Instagram

The same daughters he loves to show off on social media while acting like he’s the world’s greatest dad, only maligned by MTV’s editing.

No, it’s not because he can’t pay … he just “isn’t paying because he’s an idiot and thinks that the amount isn’t fair,” a source told Radar.

Because that’s how the system works, right?

According to Minnehaha County Court documents, Lind is ordered to pay $945 per month to Houska and $1,203 per month to Halbur.

He also must provide medical insurance.

That’s not a small amount, but he did father two kids, and clearly he doesn’t seem to have a hard time spending money on other things.

For her part, Houska is set to battle Lind in court on February 28 for a notice and continued hearing, and certificate of service hearing.

That will cast a pall over the baby joy she recently experienced with Cole, but so it goes when Adam Lind is a part of your life.

Some mistakes you never stop paying for. Unless you’re Adam and then you literally do stop paying because you just feel like it.

We expect to see more of Chelsea and Taylor Halbur teaming up against Adam as his transgressions continue to get worse and worse.