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It’s been an exciting week for Teen Mom 2 fans.

Just yesterday, perennial train wreck turned reformed domestic diva Jenelle Evans gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Ensley Jolie.

Today, her co-star Chelsea Houska welcomed her second child, and she’s giving Jenelle a run for her money in the unique name department.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant on Instagram

The child, a boy, made his precious Instagram on Wednesday, January 25, in a photo of his adorably tiny hand holding his mother’s

“Welcome to the world, sweet boy,” the 25-year-old, who is already a mother to daughter Aubree, 7, captioned the touching picture.

In announcing the pregnancy last year, the MTV reality star did so in adorable fashion with a picture of Aubree holding the sonogram.

Chelsea kept fans posted on her progress carrying the baby boy for months, yet she kept the name a secret throughout her pregnancy.

She did reveal, however, that while based on a common last name, it was one that she had "never heard before" used as a first name.

Now we know she was speaking the truth.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer on Snapchat

Just moments after informing fans that she and her husband, Cole DeBoer, had welcomed their first son, we learned his name at last.

Chelsea revealed that his name is Watson.

Yes, Watson Cole DeBoer.

It sounds pretty cute … or like innocuous-seeming butler who turns out to be a total badass in the climax of a James Bond movie.

For a middle name, the DeBoers kept it simple and went with his father’s name (Cole is a father for the first time with Watson).

All-around, it’s a really cool name, but not one of those names that’s so cool, that the kid is gonna have to spend his life living up to it.

In other words, perfect!

Chelsea Houska Baby Photo

Chelsea made the baby name announcement along with an Instagram post of the first real photo of lil WCD, which you can see above. 

So. Magical.

Cute kid, and even though he’ll likely inherit his parents’ good looks, we’d say that his greatest advantage in life won’t even be genetic.

Chelsea and Cole got married back in October, and they’ve quickly developed into the most stable couple in the Teen Mom franchise.

Clearly, Chelsea learned a lot of very valuable lessons from her disastrous relationship with Adam Lind, the derelict father of Aubree.

Where Adam was selfish, irresponsible, verbally abusive, and generally toxic, Cole is … the polar opposite of every one of those things.

Attentive, devoted, compassionate, and reliable, it’s not hard to see why Chelsea married him, or why her story has delighted millions.

Chelsea Houska Baby Pic

Chelsea has gushed about her Cole since … well, they met.

But especially lately, regarding how supportive her husband (and daughter) is, even when pregnancy got really difficult by the end.

“Cole and Aubree are so excited,” she told Radar Online.

“Literally, I have hands on my belly at all times. They’re helping get his room together. Cole built the crib. They’ve both been really involved.”

Sounds like Watson is entering a mighty fine home.

Congrats to the DeBoer family on their new arrival, and even more significantly, on building such a happy and healthy family together.

These days, you can’t take that for granted!

UPDATE: Chelsea has posted more pictures of Watson, and they are about as adorable as you’d expect, if not more so. Or a lot more so.

See ALL the photos above!