Chelsea Houska, Taylor Halbur Team Up Against Adam Lind

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If you watched Power Rangers, Captain Planet, or Voltron in your younger years, then you're familiar with the premise of heroes joining forces against a villain who's too powerful for any of them to defeat on heir own.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you know that Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur recently employed a similar strategy in their ongoing battle against the universe's most formidable super-douche, Adam Lind.

C. Houska

These days, of course, Chelsea is married to Cole DeBoer, but she remains bound to Lind for life due to the fact that they have a daughter together, 7-year-old Aubree.

Taylor is in a similarly unenviable position, as she and Taylor also have a daughter together.

Unfortunately, Taylor doesn't have the benefit of an MTV reality paycheck and a husband who likes a square-jawed cartoon good guy come to life.

Fortunately, she does have the full support of her fellow Lind-victim, Chelsea:

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind

If you watched this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, you know that Chelsea and Taylor have taken to hitting the gym together.

And based on the clips we saw, it seems they're less interested in working out their muscles and more interested in working out plans for revenge.

Both women say Lind has been lying to producers about his custody arrangements, and that in actuality, he rarely sees either ofn his daughters.

Lind seemed to corroborate these allegations when he was shown going off on MTV producers for not editing footage in such a way as to create the false impression that he's a competent father.

Adam Lind Muscles

Viewers were reminded of the extent of Lind's douchiness when he attended Aubree's softball game and proceeded to go off on the filming crew for not capturing his good dad moments:

“He attended that game with his fiancée, Stasia, and daughter Paislee, and basically the whole time just whined that whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad,” a source reveals to In Touch.

“[Lind was] rude to the film crew and producers.”

The sources add that Lind became aggressive in such a way as to make the kids and some of the other parents uncomfortable:

“The producer tried to assure Adam that wasn’t true, but he still caused quite the scene," says the insider.

"Stasia was basically just standing there, silent, the whole time. She looked really uncomfortable.”

Yeah, sounds like it's definitely the show's fault that he comes off as a terrible person.

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