Donald Trump: God, I Hate Tweeting!

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Donald Trump saying he does not like to Tweet is akin to Kylie Jenner saying she does not like to take selfies.

Or Jenelle Evans saying she hates any kind of drama.

Or Abby Lee Miller saying she really prefers not to raise her voice.

You probably get the point by now.

And yet there was Donald Trump this morning, appearing on Fox & Friends and telling co-host Ainsley Earhardt that he would really rather not jump on social media every chance he possibly can.

Donald Trump Writes a Speech

The media simply gives him no choice!

"Look, I don't like tweeting," claimed the President-Elect, explaining in further/hilarious detail:

"I have other things I could be doing. But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. It's my only way that I can counteract."

Trump's Twitter rants and messages really do come directly from him, unfiltered and clearly not fact-checked.

"When people misrepresent me because the press is very dishonest, unbelievably dishonest, when people misrepresent me, I have at least a way of saying it's a false statement," he added.

"If the press were honest, which it’s not, I would absolutely not use Twitter. I wouldn't have to."

What did the supposedly dishonest press have to do with Trump slamming Civil Rights hero John Lewis last week?

You may not want to hold your breath awaiting any kind of answer to that question.

Donald Trump on Fox & Friends

On Friday, of course, Trump will take the oath of office and be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

No matter how many times you pinch yourself, this is something that is actually, truly, really happening.

And Trump gave Earhardt and her viewers an idea of what to expect at the outset of his speech.

"I have prepared it," he said, possibly lying.

"The first line is thanking everybody, all of the presidents, including, by the way, President Obama and Michelle, who have been absolutely nice.

Melania’s spent time with Michelle and it was great and Ivanka the other day spoke to her.

"The conversation was going to be a quick conversation that lasted an hour. And they got along great, so I am just thanking President Obama and I’m thanking his very lovely wife because they have been so gracious.”

There's also been a lot of controversy and speculation regarding which celebrities (if any) will be attending the inauguration.

Trump has already Tweeted (even though he really hated to do so, of course) that he doesn't care if any stars are on hand. Heck, he has said he doesn't even want them there.

And he reiterated this same stance on Fox & Friends.

“Many of the celebrities that are saying they’re not going, they were never invited,” he said, adding in a confusing statement:

“I don’t want the celebrities, I want the people, and we have the biggest celebrities in the world there.”

As far as the public knows, the following acts have been booked to perform in D.C. on January 20:

  • Former America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho.
  • Country star Toby Keith.
  • Rock band 3 Doors Down.
  • Soul singer Sam Moore.
  • Gospel singer Travis Greene.
  • The Radio City Rockettes.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • The Piano Guys.

A few other entertainers, such as Jennifer Holliday and the B-Street Band, a Bruce Springsteen cover band, agreed to take to an inauguration stage... only to them then back out of performing.

Here's a rundown of other points discussed in the interview by Trump...

THE WALL: Oh we are having a wall, we’re building a wall… Mexico’s gonna reimburse us… We’re gonna build the wall sooner than we can do the deal.

REPLACING THE ACA: Nobody’s going to be dying in the streets with a President Trump; we wanna take care of everybody.

WILL HE REALLY MOVE THE PRESS ROOM? The press room is too small. [But] the press went crazy, so we’re not gonna move it… It’s too small, we’ll just have to pick the people who’ll get into the room… You watch, they’ll be begging for a much larger room very soon.

THE INAUGURATION ATTENDANCE: My biggest problem is there aren’t enough tickets… You will have crowds like they have rarely seen before.

Without getting into detail, we'll just say this:

That is so not your biggest problem, Donald.

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