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Selena Gomez is no longer dating Justin Bieber.

But that doesn’t mean her love life is without controversy.

The singer was spotted in public this week with The Weeknd, going out for a romantic dinner with her fellow artist in Los Angeles and being very open with her feelings for the star.

Cameras captured Gomez and The Weeknd kissing and cuddling on the sidewalk. Hard.

Bella Hadid as a Model

Multiple outlets then reported that Selena and The Weeknd went back to her place after their meal, likely for some kind of naked dessert.

In response to the rumored new romance, Bella Hadid then went ahead and made her feelings known, unfollowing Gomez on Instagram.

The model dated The Weeknd for two very serious years until the pair called things off a few months ago.

It would make perfect sense for Hadid to be hurt and upset by her ex-boyfriend moving on with anyone, but sources tell TMZ that there’s a reason why Bella is especially mad at Selena.

First, Gomez appears to be flaunting the relationship in front of Hadid and, basically, the entire world.

She showered The Weeknd with a very public display of affection after their date… and then she posed for this seductive photo online:

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More importantly, Hadid and Gomez are pretty good friends.

They are both key members of Taylor Swift’s Squad.

Over last summer and fall, when Gomez was suffering through some emotional issues (allegedly related to a fight with Bieber), insiders tell TMZ that Bella and her sister, Gigi, were right by Selena’s side.

They helped Gomez put her life back on track.

So Bella now feels betrayed by Gomez, especially because TMZ also reports that Selena and The Weeknd have actually been an item for a couple months now.

They even spent the holidays together.

And yet Selena never said a word to Bella about the burgeoning romance.

How did Hadid even discover that her pal was seeing her ex?

She saw photos of the stars canoodling on various celebrity gossip websites. Ouch! Awkward!

"Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do," a source tells TMZ of all this drama, adding:

"But I guess that’s just Hollywood."

Hadid is yet to address Selena’s supposed backstabbing directly.

Although she sort of just did so on Instagram.

Consider the latest photo Bella uploaded to her social media account:

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The model didn’t include a caption with the image, but did she really have to?

Is there really any doubt over who this finger is addressed to?

Not long after Gomez stripped down to her thong in the above picture, Hadid showed off some sideboob online, seemingly responding to her friend-turned-rival with a challenge of the skin.

A strip-off between two lovely young women is certainly the kind of feud that we can get behind.

But this still all makes us very upset.

What’s the female equivalent of "bros before hos?" Something like "boobs before dudes" maybe?

Granted, Gomez once sang that "The Heart Wants What It Wants," we just hope she understands how her friend is feeling at the moment.

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