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Earlier this week, we reported that former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida is engaged, despite the minor issue that he’s currently serving an eight-year prison sentence for fraud.

At the time, the identity of Nida’s presumably thirsty fiancee was unknown, but the Internet’s done some sleuthing, and we now though the luckly lady who will soon be Mrs. Nida!

(…or is it Mrs. Prisoner #478920574830?)

Sherien Almufti Pic
Photo via Instagram

That’s Sherien Almufti, a New Jersey real estate agent who, for some reason, has her own talent agent, and who is newly betrothed to Nida. 

Apollo (or whoever runs Apollo’s social media accounts while he’s locked up) confirmed the news that he’s engaged on Instagram, but still declined 

So how do we know this?

Well, Shirien apparently figured that since most of tea was already spilled she’d go ahead and dump the rest:

Sherien Almufti and Apollo Nida
Photo via Instagram

Ms. Almufti posted the above photo to Instagram this week, along with a caption reading:

“Oh how much I miss this MAN!"

In case there was any lingering doubt that Almufti is the former mystery woman who will soon be appearing on RHOA Season 9, Almufti also shared a photo of TMZ’s headline about Nida being engaged. 

She captioned it:

“That’s the thing about destiny, people meet at the worst time of their lives…" and added the hashtag "#summerthirteen," seemingly to confirm that she met Nida before he went away, so that no one would think she’s some sort of ultra-thirsty fame hound.

Sherien Almufti Photo
Photo via Instagram

Naturally, everyone who has any interest in this story still thinks that, anyway.

Also, "people meet at the worst time of their lives"?

Is that some sort of saying we’ve never heard of, or is that just Almufti’s way of getting involved with a married dude who was headed to prison.

Anyway, if the hashtag is an indication of when they met, then it seems those rumors about Nida cheating on Phaedra Parks are absolutely true.

In fact, the Apollo and Phaedra’s divorce only became final after he started serving his sentence.

We’re sure Ms. Parks is absolutely thrilled to be sharing screentime with Sherien on the show’s upcoming ninth season.

On the plus side, it should make some pretty compelling viewing for the rest of us.

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to get caught up in time for what could be the show’s best season to date.

It’s not every day that we say that about a show creeping up on the decade mark.