Apollo Nida: BUSTED Cheating on Phaedra Parks Before Prison; Will She Finally Divorce Him?

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Back in September of 2014 Apollo Nida turned himself in to authorities to begin serving an eight-year prison sentence on bank fraud on identity theft charges. 

Rather than spending his final months as a free man bonding with his children and attempting to reconnect with his wife, Phaedra Parks, Nida ditched his family for an epic pre-prison bender.

And now it seems that the sordid details of his wild final weeks on the outside are being revealed for the first time in a tell-all memoir penned by a former stripper named Cashaun Sidney.

In the book - titled Sordid Panties: Celebrities, Thots, Money & Scandal - Sidney details a booze and drug-fueled weekend that she spent with Nida while Parks seemse

“Inside the house I started rolling the blunt of pot and just kept my mouth shut as I looked around the woman’s house in awe,” she writes. “I couldn’t believe in were in Phaedra’s house.”

"Apollo poured shots of tequila for us and we proceeded to the of the house where we sat by the pool and smoked the pot."

Despite writing as though she's providing court testimony, Sidney spins a bizarre tale that includes Apollo taking her friend into his baby's room so that they could both "take a shower."

“Were they both in the baby’s room taking a shower?” she asks. “I don’t know.”

We're guessing they didn't go into the room to get clean, if ya know what we mean.

Despite she was estranged from her husband long before he began his prison sentence, Parks has not filed for divorce from Nida

Perhaps Sidney's account of Apollo's misbehavior will give Phaedra the nudge she needs to finally file the papers.

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