Kylie Jenner Bares All (Nipples) in New Photo Shoot!

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Hey, do you find Kylie Jenner attractive?

Of course you do, you're only human.

Sure, you might be disgusted with yourself for thinking she's hot, or you might try to justify it with "only her boobs though!"

But you don't have to be ashamed here. You can be your truest, Kylie Jenner-lovingest self, no judgment.

Kylie Jenner: Lingerie and Smoking

And you're really going to want to just own your attraction, what with these new photos.

Last night, Kylie hopped on Instagram to share a few pictures from a racy little photo shoot she did to promote her new business venture.

She's opening her very first Kylie Cosmetics store!

It's just a pop-up shop, but still, it's a big deal for her, right?

It'll open on December 9th in L.A., of course, and it will be designed to look like Kylie's own house.

There's going to be a timely Christmas tree, and you can buy as many lip kits as your heart desires, and some new Kylie swag that will be exclusive to the shop.

The store will only be open as long as supplies last though, so probably like ten seconds.

In reality, all the merchandise will be bought up quick by misguided teenage girls and scalpers, but it's a nice sentiment.

But enough about the shop -- we've got boobs to look at.

Kylie Jenner Lingerie Photo

She's really just going for it, huh?

We're not sure what lacy lingerie has to do with makeup -- you can't even see her face in this one, and you could barely see it in the first one for all the smoke -- but we'll just have to take what we can get.

And hey, is that a nipple ring? Did we know that she wears nipple rings?

Well, we do now:

Kylie Jenner Lingerie Nip Slip

We don't know what's gotten into Kylie lately, but it seems like she's picked up her big sister Kendall's love of nip slips.

She's been into bikini selfies and underwear selfies for a while now, but it seems like in the past month or so she's been eager to show off them nips specifically.

Who could forget her now-legendary post-election nude pic?

Kylie Jenner: Blue Paint Nude!

Before that, she posed topless for Complex magazine, and before that she put on some similar lingerie for a good old-fashioned mirror selfie.

So yes, 2016 has been a huge, dark, terrifying cloud, but there's always a silver lining, you know?

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