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Prepare yourselves, universe.

We’re inching ever close to the first-ever Kylie Jenner nude mirror selfie.

It could really happen any day now.

Kylie Jenner Tries to Seduce
Photo via Instagram

Just days after half-sister Kim Kardashian posed entirely naked for the camera, Kylie has taken it upon herself to nearly recreate Kim’s social media photos.

Just with a tad more layers of fabric on her body.

First, last Friday, Jenner shed her clothing and took a long-distance photograph of herself in just underwear.

You can see that racy image here:

Kylie Jenner Lingerie Selfie
Photo via Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Then, on Monday night, Kylie apparently decided that the world needed an even closer look at her 19-year old body, once again posing in sheer lingerie while standing in front of a mirror.

We’ve blurred out the image below because this is a family website.

But you can click on it for an uncensored glimpse at Kylie Jenner in a black bra and panties:

Kylie Jenner in Black Lingerie
Photo via Instagram

The above still was taken from a Snapchat videos Kylie filmed while seemingly on the set of a photo shoot.

She’s posing in it with her newly platinum hair and thigh-high stockings, covering up her face with her phone.

Because who cares about one’s face, right? Great message you’re sending to fans there, Kylie.

In a bid to promote the designer she was modeling for at the time, Jenner also gave followers a look at the collection in this footage, panning the camera around to show off an influx of boots, coats and lingerie.

"Can’t wait for u guys to see what she’s working on!!" she wrote as a caption.

Kylie Jenner: So Blonde!
Photo via Instagram

From where does Jenner get the inspiration to pose in such skimpy outfits?

Why is she so into sheer?

D’uh! Because of Kim Kardashian, of course!

"I have always loved sheer—I just don’t GAF, LOL," Kardashian wrote on her app yesterday as she shared a few of her favorite items of clothing with subscribers.

She titled this post "Sheer Vibes" and it’s apparent that Kylie has been influenced by said vibes.

Which is fine, up to a certain point.

It’s easy to forget, but Kylie Jenner is only 19 years old. Are we really that far away from her snapping the same sort of nude selfies for which sibling Kim has become well known?

She’ll then talk about empowerment and being proud of one’s body and all that nonsense.

But the Internet will be ogling and discussing the birthday suit of a woman who isn’t even 20 years old yet and we feel nauseous just looking ahead to this development.