Kylie Jenner: Latest Pics Prompt Boob Job Rumors!

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Kylie Jenner posts so many revealing pics that when it's time for a check-up from the doctor, she probably just sends him a link to her Instagram page.

SinfulColors and Kylie Jenner Announce Auction for Anti Bullying

The average Snapchat user could likely sketch her tattoos from memory.

If Kylie eventually does pose for Playboy, they'll be all, "No need to come in for a shoot. We have a really high resolution printer here."

The girl is naked online a lot, is what we're saying.

The upside is, Kylie posts racy pics on a daily basis, and for that, we thank her.

The downside is, when she makes even the slightest cosmetic change, the whole world notices.

Rumors about Kylie getting a boob job seem to pop up every few weeks, but this latest round seems justified by her most recent photos:

Kylie Jenner Boob Job Pic

As you can see, that glass of water (though it looks quite refreshing) isn't the focal point of this pic.

And if that doesn't have you convinced that she's looking curvier than usual these days, check out Kylie's latest Snaps:

Many remarked that Kylie's transformation into Kim appears to be complete.

Others commented their theories that Kylie went under the knife during her recent social media lull, when she claimed to have food poisoining.

Kylie got candid - and a bit sassy - when denying the rumors:

“Do u want to feel them to validate?” she asked one fan.

“TMI but it’s that time of the month lol,” she elaborated. “They will deflate soon. And it will be a sad sad day.”

A sad day, indeed.

But believe it or not, there's something more important that Kylie's boobs going on here.

Kylie Jenner: Check Out My Boobs!

We have a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan using three-syllable words and making self-deprecating jokes.

Is it possible that all this time, Kylie was turning into Khloe, not Kim?!

This is like a Usual Suspects-level twist. 

Kylie Jenner Nip Pic

At this point we wouldn't be surprised to find out that Kylie's boobs are Keyser Soze.

M. Night Shyamalan should secure the movie rights to Kylie's Instagram page ASAP.

Making a film mostly devoted to boobs is about the only way that guy could get us to watch something he directed.

In conclusion, Kylie probably hasn't had her boobs done.

But maybe there's more to this story...

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