Kylie Jenner Cosmetics: A Total and Complete Failure!

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Kylie Jenner is good at many things.

Take posing for selfies while wearing very little clothing, for example.

Kylie Jenner, Way Close Up

Hmmm.... okay. We take it back.

Kylie Jenner is basically good at one thing.

But we now know something at which the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress is decidedly bad at: running a company.

Kylie Cosmetics, the company behind the ridiculous Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, is not doing very well at the moment.

According to the Better Business Bureau, consumer satisfaction when it comes to the organization is at an all-time low.

The company has racked up 137 customer complaints on that website in the nine months since it opened for business.

Back in December, for example, many patrons claimed they ordered the Lip Kit... and then never actually received the Lip Kit.

In April, meanwhile, there was a security breach at Kylie Cosmetics.

The company’s official website inadvertently exposed personal information of customers to other customers for a short bit.

In response to these problems and complaints, the Better Business Bureau confronted the company last month, hoping to promote a turnaround.

However, in the last week alone, 10 people have taken issue with service or delivery.

For instance, one customer's kit arrived without the pencil.

We'd tell Kylie to stop taking selfies and to focus on her actual business, but that would imply she has any actual control or say at her business.

And anyone who believes Kylie Jenner has anything to do with Kylie Cosmetics in any operational sense probably believes that Kris Jenner didn't help leak the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Then again, should some blame also be placed on the shoulders of the consumers here?

Who buys anything because Kylie Jenner says so?!?

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