The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5 Recap: The Funeral

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Losing someone close to you is never easy. 

The death of Tyler Lockwood was definitely the focal point of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5 and it was heartbreaking. 

We kicked things off with Matt calling all of his nearest and dearest to let them know their beloved friend had been murdered by Damon and that he was on his way home to lay him to rest. 

Alaric Knows Trouble is Brewing on The Vampire Diaries

Understandably, there was a flurry of emotions. Stefan struggled to find a medium between grieving for Tyler and being pissed off with his brother for causing this mess. 

He understood that Sybil was causing the drama, but he still wanted to take his brother of the equation after seeing the effect the death of Tyler had on everyone. 

There was something very off about the way Candice King was acting in this installment. Caroline never really grieved Tyler's passing. Maybe the actress was not impressed that she wasn't getting a scene to show just how much her former love meant to her at one point in her life. 

Instead, all she could muster was that she couldn't remember the last time she spoke to him. This shows how irrelevant he became to her, but I'm totally not buying it. 

Things got worse as the gang tried to lay Tyler to rest when Damon showed up at the cemetery and showed them all four graves. He had dug up one for each of them, before threatening to murder Matt. 

As you probably know if you watch The Vampire Diaries online, Matt is the only human in all of this, so Damon probably wanted to bring him in line with his peers. 

This side of Damon has been done to death on this show and it's only getting tiring. Stefan and Caroline put a lot of work in to capture Damon, so it was garbage to see Sybil release him from his doom. 

Yes, you guys, Sybil made her getaway from the armory and she has the mysterious artifact that gives her migraines. You can thank Alaric for giving the artifact to his intern. Geez, didn't he understand that it was the only way to save everyone from her?

Sybil made it clear to Damon that they have a whole lot of work to do, so we'll no doubt see the pair go back to being annoying soon enough. 

Seline continued to manipulate the kids to use their magic. This week, it involved them doing some sort of ritual on Georgie's remains to basically bring the devil to Mystic Falls. 

The only reason Caroline and Alaric figured out something was wrong was because Tyler had left Matt pictures of Seline because he was doing some research into her. 

When Caroline and Alaric got home after a party honoring Elena and Tyler, their girls were long gone and just a drawing of the two girls playing happy families with Cade and Seline remained. 

Interesting, but haven't we already had the whole Gemini Coven storyline before with the twins being used for power? Talk about recycling plots. 

Elsewhere, Bonnie finally managed to find a way to save Enzo from himself. After a pep talk from Caroline, she set the house on fire and his humanity returned. 

That was easy. 

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