Jon Gosselin: Shocked, Upset by Deadbeat Dad Allegations

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Jon Gosselin remains a douchebag.

But he's now a shocked and very angry douchebag.

Jon Gosselin on ET

The former reality star, who America had been more than happy to forget all about for many years there, has been back in the news over the past several days or so.

For all the wrong reasons.

It started with the world finding out how Gosselin works part-time as a cook at a Fridays and as a DJ in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

After we dealt with that troubling information, Gosselin opened up in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

He said at the time that he really doesn't see his eight children much at all; in fact, he hadn't hung out little Collin in two years!

"Everybody used to come to my house," Jon said of his eight children; twins Maddie, Cara, and sextuplets Alexis, Hanna, Leah, Joel, Aaden and Collin.

Then what happened?

"Madelyn and Cara just stopped coming, around 12-13 [years old]," Jon says.

"I didn't question it. I was just like, 'Hey, do what you want, be with your friends' and then it just became they're not coming.”

Learn more about Jon's life and see him discuss his children in this clip:

Incredibly, however, Madelyn and Cara have actually responded to Gosselin's claims that they are to blame for their lack of contact with their father.

And they've called serious BS on that allegation.

"He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don't want to see him," Mady told People Magazine in its cover story this week.

"And maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen."


Gosselin Family People Cover

As if the above quote weren't telling enough, she then went on to make it even more clear just how pissed off she is at her dad.

"He doesn't even know us," she said.

"How can he dare to talk about us?"

Cara let her sister do most of the talking in the interview, but her one sentence about Jon Gosselin almost said it all:

"I wouldn't even know what to say about him," she uttered.

She barely knows her father.

We try not to quote Donald Trump very often around here, but: SAD.

How does Gosselin feel about being called out in such a manner?

By his teenage children?!?

“I’m very upset,” Jon told Entertainment Tonight in response. “I love my children very much. I’ve always been there for them and I always will be.

"It’s shocking.”

A Jon Gosselin Photograph

We can't possibly pretend to know what's going on with Jon and Kate Gosselin.

It was difficult enough to figure them out when they came into our living rooms each month on the TLC reality series Jon and Kate Plus 8.

But replying to criticisms by his daughter that he should not talk about her on television by talking to a television outlet about her is likely not the way to go.

In this same interview with People, Kate Gosselin said she enrolled son Collin in a program away from home to help cope with his “special needs.”

The 41-year old explained:

“[There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things.

"This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own.”

That, of course, was a not-so-subtle shot at her ex-husband.

We don't want to take sides here, especially not with Kate Gosselin... but what sort of father doesn't see any child for two years?

Let alone a child with special needs?!?

“I’ve felt very alone in this,” Kate said of her struggle to raise Collin and his seven siblings.

“By the same token, it’s not something that has only impacted me or him - our entire family has been impacted.”

Mady and Cara have made that clear.

All of this is so baffling, we don't know where to start.

Do we approve of Kate once again sitting with her kids and discussing their family with a national celebrity news publication?

Of course not. Or much of anything else Kate does.

But we approve of that more than Jon simply not playing a role in his children's lives, if it's true that he simply chooses not to.

Kate Gosselin has set the parenting bar pretty low over the years... and yet Jon has still managed somehow not to clear it.

Pretty impressive in an unimpressive way.

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