Juliet Simms, Former The Voice Runner-Up, Handcuffed and Hauled Off Plane

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Juliet Simms has gone from impressing viewers with her blind audition to getting thrown off an airplane for being blindingly drunk and violent.

Allow us to explain...

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Simms - who finished second on Season 2 of The Voice - was taken off an American Airline flight on Sunday evening after she got into a loud, vicious, physical fight with her husband, Andy Biersack.

(Come on. Andy Biersack?!? Of course he got into a wasted argument, right?)

In footage filmed by a fellow passenger and then released to TMZ, Juliet and Andy are on board a plane that is headed from Charlotte to Los Angeles. They are in first class.

According to various witness, Simms expressed her irritation with her husband in louder and louder tones, eventually hitting Biersack in the face.

They were told by flight attendants to calm down and actually abided by this advice for 20 minutes...

... only to then get into it once again, having to be separated by others on board.

Juliet Simms

Even once she was sitting far away from her husband, Simms remained “out of control,” TMZ writes.

As a result, she had to be handcuffed by an air marshal.

But, as you can see below, this maneuver only served to anger the aspiring singer even more:

Once the flight landed, cops at LAX detained Simms and handed her off to the FBI. Yes, the FBI!

As we learned in the alleged Brad Pitt child abuse case, the FBI has jurisdiction over any incident that takes place in the air.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Simms was questioned and eventually released.

The celebrity gossip site says it later spoke to both Juliet and Andy, who chalked up the confrontation to Simms drinking a lot of alcohol after having not taking a sip of any booze in months.

Sure. Makes sense to us. This is why all pregnant women flip out and get handcuffed the first time they drink after giving birth.

(Just kidding. This doesn't happen to people without some pretty serious issues.)

Simms and Biersack confirm they are together, everything is fine and they are cooperating with the FBI.

As you can see above, plenty of celebrities have gotten the boot from airplanes before.

But this is the first incident in recent memory that involved someone actually getting handcuffed and then investigated by the FBI.

Well done, Juliet Simms! You may have made history!

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