Brad Pitt Child Abuse Case: Alleged Details Revealed, Disputed

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Details of Brad Pitt's alleged child abuse have come to light.

Emphasis on alleged, as the details remain murky at best.

However, we do know a few additional things about what transpired between the actor and his son Maddox that triggered an investigation ...

Brad Pitt Wearing Glasses and Smiling

The FBI is now involved and the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services launched an inquiry thanks to an anonymous tip about Pitt.

No, the anonymous source was not Angelina Jolie, but she did file for divorce from Pitt just days after this allegedly took place at the airport.

And supposedly did so for this exact reason, no less.

In any case, the allegation is that Brad attacked his eldest son Maddox on a trip back from France, on a private jet, shortly after takeoff.

According to TMZ, Brad and Angelina began arguing on the plane, at which point Maddox jumped up and came to his mother's defense.

The Pitt

Brad allegedly lunged at Maddox, with Angelina jumping in between them to block him, although he "connected in some fashion" with his son.

Admittedly, more than a few things are in dispute here.

Were Brad and Angelina even arguing? Or was Maddox was acting up on the plane? And did Brad made contact with his son intentionally?

Also unclear is whether Brad was drunk at the time.

Although the authorities were told that he was under the influence, Angelina of all people reportedly says he was sober at that moment.

However ... he got drunk later in the flight, says she.

On the contrary, sources close to Pitt tell TMZ he was in fact drunk at the time of the incident; Brad does not come off well in any case.

Angelina wants sole physical custody of the kids, which she says is not about Pitt and alcohol, but more than mere substance abuse.

It's all about protecting their children in her view.

Brad has denied that any abuse of the duo kids took place, but sources close to him acknowledge "an incident" taking place on the jet.

He had never acted like this before, either.

Brad has never been aggressive toward his kids, beyond verbally at least, so Angelina felt the incident on the plane was a big deal.

A deal breaker, as it were.

“Brad did not want the marriage to end," an insider tells E! News. "He was committed to doing what he needed to make it work."

"He was open to counseling.”

An Angelina source says that's all great, but it is what it is, and "there was clearly a breaking point, where she had just had enough."

That unidentified friend of the couple adds that Pitt "may have been broken himself" and "begged" Jolie not to leave him to no avail.

Where do we go from here?

It's unlikely, in our view, that Pitt will face any penalty at all as a result of this investigation, but any hopes of reconciliation may be lost.

All we can do is stay tuned.

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