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The Voice Season 11 knockout rounds came to a close on the most recent episode. 

The judges made some shocking decisions along the way that could come back to bite them. 

Let’s break down how the end of the knockout rounds played out on this NBC hit.

Sa'Rayah Sings on The Voice

Team Blake: Austin Allsup vs. Gabe Broussard

There was absolutely no chance that Austin was not emerging victorious on this knockout challenge.

Austin has been one of the vocal leaders from the get-go and it’s just sad that Gabe had to go up against him. 

Austin sung his heart out to Tom Petty’s "Breakdown" and it became as clear as day that Austin will probably advance all the way to the end of the competition. 

Gabe went with "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars and it was probably his worst performance to date. 

Winner: Austin Allsup!

Steal: N/A

The Voice Tandem

Team Miley: Darby Walker vs. Maye Thomas

Darby Walker decided to play it cool by singing Florence + The Machine’s "Shake It Out."

We forgive you if you thought that Florence Welch was singing the song. It seems like all Darby can sing is something from Florence. 

That will probably be an issue as she advances in the competition. She sounds great, but we need to hear her sing something different. 

Maye Thomas struggled with Tegan and Sara’s "Closer" and it ultimately cost her a spot in the top 20.

Winner: Darby Walker!

Steal: N/A

Miley Cyrus, The Voice Promo Pic

Team Adam: Brendan Fletcher vs. Nolan Neal

Nolan Neal decided to go with Steven Tyler’s "Love Is Your Name."

It was a great performance that really showcased his vocal prowess.

Brendan Fletcher went with "Soulshine" by the Allman Brothers. 

Both performances were really good, so it sucked that one of them had to leave the competition.

Adam even noted that it was a tough call. 

Winner: Brendan Fletcher!

Steal: N/A

Adam Levine Rolls His Eyes GIF

Team Alicia: Michael Sanchez vs. Sa’Rayah

Michael went with "Just The Two of Us" from Bill Withers and it really succeeded in showing off his vocal range, but it was no match for Sa’Rayah’s rendition of Chaka Khan’s "Ain’t Nobody."

They were both amazing performances, but you could tell Sa’Rayah was much better. 

Winner: Sa’Rayah!

Steal: N/A

Team Blake: Dana Harper vs. Karlee Metzger

Karlee’s time on the voice combusted in a truly shocking fashion in her final battle.

Performing an all over the place version of Kelly Clarkson’s "Invincible" was the first and only strike for the singer. 

Dana Harper performed James Morrison’s "You Give Me Something."

It was breathtaking and it showed that benchmarking these acts together did help ensure that only the best made it to the end. 

The Voice Season 11 Panel

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson vs. Josh Halverson

This was one of the most toughest battles in recent memory on the show. Both men had amazing performances.

Aaron went with Thomas Rhett’s "Die A Happy Man." 

Josh Halverson managed to perform very well and it even though Miley never saved him, someone else did. 

Winner: Aaron Gibson!

Steal: Josh Halverson to Team Alicia!

The Voice Season 11 Cast

Things are getting pretty tense on The Voice as we approach the live shows, but are you happy with the developments so far?

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