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It’s been a month since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, meaning rumors that she’s pregnant with her first child are about a month overdue.

The women of the Duggar family tend to get knocked soon after walking down the aisle, and it’s widely assumed that Jinger will follow suit.

But has she done so already?!

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress
Photo via Instagram

While the bump watch begins immediately after any Duggar says "I do" for every member of the family, this feels even more urgent.

In Jinger Duggar’s case, fans believe there are additional reasons to believe that she and Jeremy will waste little (no) time in reproducing.

If you’re a card carrying member of Duggar Nation, you know the things banned by the family and how they observe strict courtship rules.

Rules that Jinger was not too keen on while courting.

By the family’s strict relationship standards (strict feels like an understatement), these two – religious as they are – were having none of it.

Photo via TLC

In fact, there were multiple reports of controversies erupting within the family over Jinge and Jer’s refusal to keep their hands off one another.

(Again, when we say the courtship rules are strict, we mean they’re very strict. Virtually all forms of physical contact are prohibited.)

Most Duggars happily observe this truly bonkers set of restrictions, but Jinger broke the courtship rules at what looked like every turn.

And those are just the turns we know about!

Their obvious eagerness for some unchaperoned alone time and (relatively) egregious PDA were noticeable, and on more than a few occasions.

Beyond that, their timetable was … short.

Jinger Duggar the Bride
Photo via Instagram

She and Vuolo raced past the usual relationship milestones in their mad dash for the altar, as these two were on another level from the get-go.

We suppose it’s not surprising, then, that rumors that Jinger is pregnant with Jeremy’s baby began to circulate even before their wedding.

For this family, that would truly be something else.

At this point, we pretty much expect Duggar women will get pregnant (or at least begin trying to) the second their honeymoons begin.

In Jinger’s case, many fans believed she was knocked up even before she set off on vacation to Australia and New Zealand with Vuolo.

Like we said, it was a whirlwind courtship …

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Cover
Photo via Us Weekly

The evidence, or at least potential clues, have started to add up in the days before, and since, the TLC star walked down the aisle.

Between all the rumors and honeymoon videos of Jinger sporting some serious "JBF hair" and the couple asking fans to pray for them?

Let’s just say that many fans are expecting a baby announcement shortly after the newlywed Vuolos return from the land Down Under.

The timing would be nothing short of perfect.

Jinger, Jeremy and the others are currently filming Counting On Season 3, and as we all know, babies and pregnancies drive ratings.

Jill and Jessa wasted little time, and Jinger seems as smitten with the idea, and eager to follow in her big sisters’ footsteps, as can be.

Now, let us be completely, 100 percent clear here:

We’re not saying that Jinger would, or should get pregnant just for the sake of ensuring the continuation of her family’s reality TV show …

… but it’s not like Joy-Anna’s courtship or fan speculation about Derick’s health can sustain an entire season on their own, ya know?

We’re just saying. It won’t hurt the ratings cause.

This is sort of what they do, and what fans love about them. It’s not a criticism, but if the natural order of things dovetails with TV success?

What’s not to love about that kind of win-win?!

You can follow the link to watch Counting On online to relive JinJer’s road to the altar and watch them get their freak on before marriage.

We swear we saw at least one front hug.