Austin Forsyth: Who is Joy-Anna Duggar's New Boyfriend?

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We're not sure if "boyfriend" is the correct term to use here, but "courtship partner" has a bit of an odd ring to it.

Whatever the case, if you watch Counting On online last night, you know that last night's installment was a big one for the Duggars!

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin

Yes, Jinger finally got married to Jeremy Vuolo, but almost as importantly, we learned that Joy-Anna will likely be next to walk down the aisle.

After months of rumors about which Duggar kid would be next to join the escalating babies race, we now know that Joy-Anna is courting!

She confirmed on the family's TLC series last night that she's officially entered into a courtship with a young man named Austin Forsyth.

So who is Austin?

Well, it seems he's a family friend who's known Joy-Anna and her family for 15 years, and is very familiar with the Duggar family "rules."

Joy Duggar Photograph

Austin didn't reveal his last name in the cute courtship announcement, but the shirt he was wearing served as a giveaway for Duggar fans.

Or obsessives, as it were.

In announcing that he's pursuing Joy Duggar, Austin took the opportunity to do a little free advertising for the Fort Rock Family Camp.

That's an Arkansas vacation destination owned by Terry and Roxanne Forsyth - longtime friends of the Duggars, and Austin's parents.

Joy-Anna went on to describe the (chaste and chaperoned, of course) moment that they decided to take their relationship to the next level:

“There was a whole group of us that came up,” Joy-Anna recalls. “We were just hanging out and it was really late at night, stars were just gorgeous."

Don't get any ideas. Joy didn't go where you're thinking about:

"For me that’s really special, but then just being with him."

"And then now it’s even more special," she added, because it means even more to them as "it’s where we start our courtship.”

It seems Austin, who's estimated to be around 22 years old, is an employee at his parents' aforementioned Natural State tourist spot.

Described as "recreation of 1800s fort and old west" town, it sounds like a must-see for the next time you drive through that part of America.

If you can even get a room after the PR it just got!

Hopefully, Joy-Anna is keeping an eye out to make sure Austin isn't front-hugging any robot prostitutes, like on that show WestWorld.

Just kidding, we're sure he's every bit as "pure" as the Duggar gals.

Sources say the Forsyths' share the Duggars' religious views, and in 2009, they were featured on a reality show called World's Strictest Parents.

We didn't actually make that up, as much as it sounds like it.

In any case, these two youngsters look happy as a couple of human beings can be, and basically, this sounds like a match made in ... 

... somewhere in Northwest Arkansas.

We're pretty sure you can't describe a bunch of repressed, virginal 20-somethings running around in layer, upon layer of denim as heaven.

Or maybe you can, if you're Joy-Anna. We're so happy for her! 

Follow the links above to relive some of her best moments on the show, and in life, as we look forward to following this new and exciting chapter.

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